Ouya set-up requires a credit or prepaid card

CVG: "Android console doesn't allow customers to skip payment-tied installation."

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DeforMAKulizer1966d ago

I skipped right through it. And been downloading all the games without any CC info...

Godmars2901966d ago

The thing I hate about modern businesses: they want - demand - instant access to your wallet.

Cmk01211966d ago ShowReplies(2)
deafdani1966d ago

Uh, I have a Ouya and I've been able to use it just fine without putting in any credit card info. I don't know what this article is going about.


Majors1966d ago

What are your overall impressions with this console ?
Is it like what they advertised ?
I seen Borderlands 2 being played (streaming)on it a few weeks ago and it looked pretty good. Im tempted but need to see how it goes first.

deafdani1966d ago

Right now, I'd advice you to save your money. I was one of those day one backers, because I was in love with the idea behind the console.

Heck, I still support the overall idea, but the implementation has been really subpar. The OS is terrible, and it's very inconsistent across TVs. The image on my TV appears partially cropped, and I've read that it's a widespread issue, with lots of other people having even worse cropping issues than myself.

Because of this, many games menus, for example, appear partially cut, or sticking to the very edges of the screen. It looks awful.

Also, the game selection, to date, is pretty bad. I expected the Ouya to play games like Shadowgun, NOVA, GT Racing, etc. But most of them are pretty shitty, although I think it's just a matter of time before some decent games come out for it.

I can't speak of its emulating capabilities yet, because I still haven't tried emulating NES, SNES, etc games on it. But as far as Ouya games go, yeah... just save your money for now.

Majors1966d ago

Thanks for the honest response. I guess I'll just put the money towards my PS4 and see how the Ouya is doing next year before I decide what to do.