GT6 Demo, GT Academy 2013 Demo Available Now, To be Unplayable After August 31st

The day is finally here as the Gran Turismo 6 demo is now available on the European PSN, with the North American version going live just now, which you can view on the web store if you’d like. - PSLS

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HammadTheBeast1990d ago

Just a public service message. It's a 1 gb file with graphics and pretty much everything toned down (according to devs) so more people can participate in the contest.

Not even a demo, its GT Academy, which is where the winner becomes a pro racer in real life.

GameCents1992d ago

So now demos have expiry dates? I haven't downloaded a demo in years.

fsfsxii1991d ago

Its regarding GT Academy.

OrangePowerz1991d ago

You should download WiiU demos they have a limit on how often they can be launched :D

TXIDarkAvenger1991d ago

Everything besides the physics in this game is shit but I'll still end up buying it.

TXIDarkAvenger1990d ago

The sound (engine sounds, and those tire screeches)
Boring AI
Limited paint system
Premium vs Standard cars
Can't rotate the camera around the car in third person view
No grid start

Other than that I still enjoy the game but GT is far from being a masterpiece. On a side note, the demo(yes I know its a demo) hasn't really improved on much of this stuff.

I think people here need to stop being fanboys and stop thinking GT5 is the best racing game. I've looked over hundreds of forums, comments, and even the subreddit for GT5. People are continuously begging for this stuff to be fixed.

Mikeyy1991d ago

People keep saying this is the GT6 demo when technically its not. It's just a contest. The no1 ranked driver get to join the GT acadamy. This is just like the GT 5 time trial.

Me-Time1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Yeaaa. I felt letdown once I realized it. Well, it was actually the inability to change the tires and no free run mode that really did it.

Cryptcuzz1991d ago

Even though this is just the Gran Turismo 6 Academy Demo, the game is already playing great and looks spectacular!

I was literally in awe when I played through the first race with the Nissan Leaf last night. Everything from the car model, environments, lighting etc. were top notch and found myself watching the replays longer then I should have :)

I can't believe Polyphony Digital were able to take GT5 and make everything look and play so much better on the PS3!

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