Gran Turismo 6 Demo Thoughts & Opinions

Well the Gran Turismo 6 demo is out and this time it’s giving every gamer a chance to battle in the GT Academy 13 Tournament straight away, we have played the game and we were happy with it but not too impressed either.

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WeAreLegion1990d ago

I have to wait until I get off work to play it, but I have a question for those who have.

Does the demo support a steering wheel?

Cam9771990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Yes it does support a wheel.
I'm in Portugal right now so will have to wait until I can download and play it. Is anybody aware of the size of the demo?

AcceptedWalnut1990d ago

Size is only 1gb if i remember correctly.

It's only tiny that I am sure of.

Utalkin2me1990d ago

I do not see it on the store in the US yet?

thechosenone1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

US store hasn't update yet but if you have a fake UK account you can download it.

Hicken1990d ago

It's up on the US store. Search for GT Academy.

File size is almost EXACTLY 1GB, at 1072MB.

Wagz221990d ago

Isn't 1024mb exactly 1gb? That would be crazy if the file size was that, but its close enough, not exactly though.

SolidStoner1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

this GT academy seems to me more like a GT6 demo... it has some awesome tweaks in physics department, also graphics and tracks are different.. Im lovin it!

they maxed out ps3 for sure... at least they did it with mine.. it is turning off every 15 min in the menus or every 1 - 2 hours in gameplay.. (seems more like a glitch) anyways it does happen alot, I read about that in GTPlanet forums also.. sad, but true..

still hope gt6 will be different and will not have this issue I have....

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EliteDave931990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

I can tell you right now that the graphics is not as good as it is on GT5. For some reason it looks worse. Might be an early build who knows.

Mikeyy1990d ago

I think they dumb it down for the demos. Just like the gt5 time trial.

Im just getting off work now I'm going to download it.

claterz1990d ago

Yeah I noticed that too, after all that new tech they have apparently added and it looks worse than GT5 lol. I love the way the cars handle now though, it's a lot better than before.

Faztkiller1990d ago

I think they lower texture quality to get the download size down to where more can compete

ado9081990d ago

Why can't you people just admit the game for it's graphical flaws already and always make excuses for it? God of war 3 demo was 2.7gb so why the hell do you people keep making up excuses for games that clearly show real no improvements over the last game? I'm sick of it already.

Faztkiller1990d ago

And when Gow full game came out it looked better. I remember the GT5 demo being underwhelming but the final game looked amazing.

VonBraunschweigg1990d ago

Did you play only the 1st race or also the rest? There seems to be a difference imo, the 1st track looks like a typical GT Academy track like previous years (just a track, no detailed enviroment) while the 2nd stage, the Sunday cup looks far better. Kinda like GT6:) different lighting than GT5's, better shadows.

Me-Time1990d ago

I disagree. If anything, what you're referencing is Silverstone.

HammadTheBeast1990d ago

It's only one gig, but I noticed the scenery had way too much texture pop.

Salooh1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Texture yes , the reason is that it's a demo. However everything looks tight and solid. The sun/lightning , trees , street..etc are more solid then GT5. Anyone who expect big improvement should forget about GT6. The improvements are enough to make it look solid and neat. The gameplay is changed and time trial is much harder and realistic now. I haven't played it a lot though. I can feel the difference between this engine and the old one. Loading are faster especially when you replay the race , that was really fast for ps3. I also don't need to redo the settings every time i enter a race :D ..

You can say GT6 is what people expected from GT5 . Masterpiece ^^ ..

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GABRIEL10301990d ago

The demo looks great, the graphics are nice. However is a PS3 game don't expect a huge technical leap.

solidboss071990d ago

The frame rate on Suzuka circuit is much improved, this is nearly enough for me added to the wonderful physics. I'm confident veterans of GT5 will notice further differences to the full game that together make Gran Turismo 6 on PS3 worthwhile. I would not want it on PS4 as a PS3+ game, I'll wait a couple of years for a full fat GT7 making real use of the hardware.

Hicken1990d ago

Have to say: the handling of the cars is much improved. It's a massively noticeable difference, and I'm glad for it.

The visuals are about the same: a little better in some places, a little worse in others. Nothing to really worry about in a 1GB demo.

Overall, the physics are what I expected to see the biggest improvement in, and I haven't been disappointed.

VonBraunschweigg1990d ago

I'm using the GT wheel all assists off but can't really tell...never raced with the Leaf or that 2nd car before. But I did notice the wheel didn't shake that much, as if the tracks have a smoother surface, less bumpy. I found the controls to be less demanding as in previous GT Academies. Not too easy, but easier. Not sure of that's a good thing, I like having to work that wheel.

Love the slogan by the way. You win, you go Pro.

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