Ubisoft Announces Their Comic Con 2013 Line-up

Today, Ubisoft announced its Comic-Con International: San Diego lineup featuring some of Ubisoft’s highly anticipated titles.

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MWong1995d ago

Awww, man I was hoping to see more about The Division. More Splinter Cell & Watch Dogs won't be bad though.

Plagasx1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

If they're doing anything like they did with the Watch Dogs reveal, then we probably won't see the game again until E3 or GDC next year.

ftwrthtx1995d ago

I want to hear more about Mirror's Edge 2.

Salooh1995d ago

That's EA , But i don't think they will show it until the next E3 . It's not ready , I bet it will release between September - November 2014 and get a big marketing :)

S2Killinit1995d ago

I'm glad Ubisoft has decided to partner up with Playstation 4 in the coming generation. I was impressed with their line up. they have two heavy hitters that I'm interested in: watch Dogs and the Division. They both look like awesome games.