Japanese console sales comparisons show Wii screaming off into the distance

VG247: Did you know that after 71 weeks at retail, PS3 is where PS2 was at 16.6 weeks, or that if Wii stopped selling altogether and PS3 continued selling at its current rate, it would take it five years to catch the Nintendo machine up?

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PumPum3641d ago

Too bad the Wii isnt in the main console race. Boring story.
Dont forget that ps360 has all the games and wii has ......crickets...tumbleweed... .wolf howling sounds....

Nice move Nintendo, keep treating your fans like $h1t.

leon763641d ago

Totally agree with you man!!!
"...or that if Wii stopped selling altogether and PS3 continued selling at its current rate, it would take it five years to catch the Nintendo machine up?" - Wow!! who cares!!!!!!! Wii is a nice piece of sh*t with stupid games for retards!!!!!! Sorry guy responsible for this DeepSh*t article you FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

killer_trap3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

a really depressing story. and i do think that Wii sales affect ps3 sales, especially in japan. but to think that ps3 sales will stay the same is absurd, with a price drop MGS and FF on the horizon i see a major spike in sales.

decapitator3641d ago

Man, you shouldn't even worry about this. This so called research is from the wannabe good gaming site "VG247". What do those guys know about how the industry operates, I'd rather wait for a more professional analysis than this stuff.

HighDefinition3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

5 years?

That`s a joke right.

Look at how much the ps2 sold during it`s PRIME. The Ps3 is nowhere near it`s peak, the biggest games are yet to come out.

Do you think when Final Fantasy 13 and 13 versus are released, they aren`t going to dramatically raise sales?

Same with White Knight Chronicles.

People judging the current sales are really really dumb and really have absolutly no clue to how these things work.For instances, No one thought the ps3 would be surpassing the 360 so quickly, look what happened with that.

The Wii will slow down the PS3 will pick up in Japan, You have to understand the Japanese are super into RPGs, and sadly that is what the PS3 is currently lacking. The Final Fantasy 13s are going to be the turning point for the PS3 in Japan, Trust me.

Sony has a completely different approach then Nintendo right now, for some people that might be hard to see.

Like it was hard to see what why everyone was saying the PS3 would start outselling the 360, Why GTAIV will end up selling more on the PS3, why Bluray would win, why MGS4/FF13 wouldn`t be on 360. So i can understand why it`s hard to see the PS3 will sell 120 million plus before it`s done.

But the truth`s all happening.

mikeslemonade3641d ago

This is why assuming everything is constant is stupid when you talk about sales.

rawg3641d ago

But the Wii is just delaying the conversion of PS2 owners to the PS3. I'm guessing that many PS2 gamers are not ready to upgrade to a PS3 yet for a number of reasons, too expensive, fav game not out yet, don't have an HD TV, etc.

The Wii and the PSP/DS to some extent, are great transitional consoles for these people and provides them with a "next-gen" gaming experience that is better/different than what they can get on their PS2 for now.

Eventually, they will make the full jump to HD and the PS3 as the price drops, the big franchise games are released or they finally get an HDTV that exposes the graphical shortcomings of the Wii.

WIIIS13641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

What on earth are you going on about!?? EVERYBODY expected PS3 to sell like hotcakes, NOBODY expected Wii to be a success, and NOBODY seriously thought 360 would fare much better than its predecessor in Japan (which means everyone expected PS3 to surpass 360 in Japan easily, contrary to what you say). Its sad enough that you have to resort to distorting all the facts just to console yourself about the current sorry plight of PS3, but please don't try to pass off as some holier-than-thou know-it-all and everyone else is naive and clueless when the truth is you're just hoping hard that things will turn around for PS3 because a few games are finally coming out. People are looking at the cold hard facts of today, while you are hinging your fanciful predictions on fanboy premises and praying to God everyday that you get to smugly say "I told you" so in 3 years' time.

GTAIV will sell more on PS3... we'll see how clued in you really are real soon.

le killer3641d ago

the ps2 left the starting block and just kept much so, that even now it still beats the ps3 and 360 quite regularly! the ps3 will not sell 120mil, even with the "big games" that everyone keeps talking about, it's never gonna be the same monster the ps2 was! when microsoft release their next machine in 2010, the 360 will without doubt have finished in third. but it will have eaten into sonys market share, and the wii also.

i would'nt have thought that the ps3 will sell mite do by 2012 or 13. but by then, you can bet there will be new hardware from nintendo and microsft, and they will continue where the 360 and the wii left off.....and that's stealing more of the market from sony!!

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Iamback3641d ago

Funny how people compare console that is selling at 250 vs 399/499, i mean that is very logical, isnt it?

JoelR3641d ago

Actually not as bad as they are making it out to be.
If you plotted the x360 on those graphs it would not even show
Those graphs shows a significant climb rate on the PS3. Sure the Wii is near vertical but the PS3 is still selling in signficant numbers.

Robearboy3641d ago

The main reason the ps2 sold so well was down to the diversity of its software, meaning mums and dads, grannies and 5 year old could all play games, nintendo have seen this and conned everyone by throwing in the "it will stop your kids from getting fat" line and bobs your uncle, the reserves of unsold gamecubes with a new controller are selling just like the ps2, i can guarentee that no matter how great the games are for the ps3 or the xbox 360, neither will sell like the ps2, most of the ps2 market will go out and buy a wii, its only the real gamers that will buy the ps3 or the 360

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