FCC Approves New PS3 SKU

While it's based on the 80GB architecture (CECHE01), Sony has apparently given a new PS3 SKU to the Federal Communications Commission for approval. The short-term confidentiality will expire on May 14th of this year, but hopefully Sony will provide an official statement before then.

As of this writing it's still unknown whether this new model is part of an upcoming bundle (MGS4 perhaps?), the introduction of a new color (eg, a white 80GB PS3), or simply an updated version of the internal hardware (new Bluetooth module, WLAN antenna, etc).

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decapitator3641d ago

Could be either the MGS4 bundle or the White PS3 bundle.

Lifendz3641d ago

I still think the 60gb is the best thing going. Full backwards computability makes all the me at least.

WAR_MACHINE773641d ago

Its probably just the same old 80 gig with a new, cheaper parts revision.

dragunrising3641d ago

I would hope backwards compatibility is included in the new 80 gig. I have the 40 gig and appreciate that it uses the more energy efficient chips; would be nice if the newer chips and backwards compatibility made it into the model.

I was thinking about upgrading my hard drive. Does anyone know how to do it without the loss of data. I know I'm going to screw something up.

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King20083641d ago

The Metal Gear bundle but I hope that if its the same as the 80 gig it keeps the limited BC because some ps2 users may still want their old library of games to be playable. It'll make it easier for them to upgrade.

SL1M DADDY3641d ago

I bet my next paycheck on this one.

meepmoopmeep3641d ago

they should just get rid of the 40GB. price the 80 like the 40 and bring out the white ones for those who want it. i don't understand how they couldn't have added BC in the 40 when the 80 is software emulated. couldn't they just install the emulator? i mean, it wouldn't cost anything if the program is already made.

Gorgon3641d ago

Its not totally software emulated. The limited BC SKUs still have one of the PS2 chips. The totally BC SKUS have both PS2 chips. The 40GB have none of the chips.

crunchie1013641d ago

Gorgon, you're right - why did someone disagree with you?


JoelR3641d ago

As Gorgon said
40 gig does not have the RS chip

the 80 gig and 60 euro has the RS chip (and use Software emulation for the EE)

the 20 and 60 gig (NA and Japan) uses the EE + RS combo

Gorgon3641d ago


Are you sure the new 80GB PAL/US SKU will have the RS chip? haven't heard about that.

JoelR3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Current models only - I can't prognosticate about future models.
Should have made it more clear
I meant the currently sold 80 gig model in NA and Japan
and the 60 gig in the EU

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The story is too old to be commented.