Activision: Call of Duty Has ‘Never Been Stronger’

IGN: Activision believes the Call of Duty franchise has “never been stronger” and explains how Ghosts is “shaking things up.”

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Number-Nine1991d ago

fish AI. ground breaking tech

MizTv1991d ago

Wow a stupid ass dog........

Livecustoms1991d ago

fish A.I in mario 1995. WOW WELL DONE ACTIVISION loooool

Alexander241991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Actually, the sales have been declining. Black Ops 2 sold a few million less than MW3 I believe. I'm so glad it is dying out so the better games get more attention and sales.

CrossingEden1991d ago

you should check the sales figures, BLOPS 2 made a billion dollars in a single month

Alexander241990d ago

I'm not saying that.........i'm saying it sold less than

MizTv1990d ago

Someday the people will get sick of this crap
Cod4 was fun back in 2007

ala_7671991d ago

Im a big fan of CoD as that was my first MP game [black Ops 1] I am very dissapointed with Black Ops 2..... Hope things will be okay with Ghosts...

Though I am still not geting this. Why they aren't introducing tanks and vehicles like in World At War? That would be awesome!!!

DecoyOctopus1991d ago

probably because Battlefield does the whole tank thing but much better and they wouldnt be able to compete, so theyre just sticking with the same arcade style shooter Multiplayer gameplay since COD 2(2005)

Roper3161991d ago

I get my COD for free when my friend picks up his yearly release. I still haven't found the time to play MW3 and I will get BLOPS2 this November when he picks up Ghost.

I just don't feel COD is worth the money or worth jumping it to the top of the back log pile.

ACESupERIC1991d ago

I wouldn't bother with MW3. Worst of the series. Blops2 campaign is awesome though short. Multiplayer is broken.

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