Interview: What Bungie Did Next writes: "You wanna to know what Bungie is doing right now, post Halo 3? So does Colin Campbell. He waves a voice recorder at Halo 3's cinematics director CJ Cowan and demands the spilling of guts".

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Iamback3760d ago

Other than Halo, Bungie has not made any great game. Remember ONI? What a joke that was.

iceice1233760d ago

You never heard of or played Marathon...

SPARTAAN3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

sry buddy but i loved oni i liked it even more than halo 1 but thats just my opinion and i would even consider buying 360 if bungie released oni 2 exclusively on the 360 (im prayin that they release it and also make it a multiplat)

The Lazy One3760d ago

I find it interesting that I could say the same thing about the quality of your comments, but that doesn't make you less capable of making them, nor does it make your right to make them any less valid.

It was a good interview, a lot better than I expected it to be considering the misleading title. It didn't bring a whole lot of new stuff to the table, but it did shed a lot of light on stuff that goes on behind closed doors.

Nolando3760d ago

bungie doesnt do halo 4 till the next xbox. and when that hits it needs to have over the top graphics (thats about the only thing people hated on for halo 3 pretty much WAAAAAH too colorful) and and just needs to have everything and more. anyway halo 3 is awsome ill be playing that. maybe try halo wars when it comes out.