QuickJump Quicklist: Seven types of girl gamers

It's true: female gamers do exist (the shock!). Just like male gamers who come in different shapes, sizes and flavors, we can come up with a diverse list of girl gamer types. No, Frag Dolls and 6-year-olds fascinated by the Wii don't count. South Korean StarCraft fangirls were tempting to add, but we decided to cut them from the list since we can't tell if they actually play games or just read magazines to drool over the pros.

If you ever need a brief guide on the who and the what of female gamer types, this QuickList is for you. No need to put up those flame spears, because we don't have anything against those who don't fall under our categories. Furthermore, apologies go to our female readers who weren't covered, but right now, here are the more prominent types we've seen of our beloved industry's non-male audience.

Hardcore Gamer - You don't need a pair to kill Altima in Final Fantasy Tactics with one blow or defeat Metatron from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne without losing your sanity. While the hardcore who would go discuss their "1337" gameplay tactics and strategies on notorious message boards almost never expect to run across girls, it is a fact that the male dominated scene of spending hundreds of hours to kill secret bosses and pull off insane Achievements for bragging rights is not without the presence of the opposite gender.

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360Jamaican40GigFL3761d ago

i only kno 2 hot chicks that i would give the steak 2 that play games.

Cwalat3761d ago

"meeting girl"

Hoooow yooou dooen ? ;)


Condoleezza Rice3761d ago

aren't very attractive,including myself(see avatar for further details)

IntelligentAj3761d ago

My fiance is semi-hardcore gamer. She doesn't play games often(only ones that appeal to her) but when she finds one she likes she plays it until she beats it. Hell she beat GOW 1 and 2!!!

fenderputty3761d ago

and soon to be finance is not what anyone on here would call a gamer. She did play the hell out of R&C though. She likes platformers and simple games. She'll play LPB for sure too. I'm trying to get her into other genres like racers or RPG's.

Play B3yond3760d ago

Lol I bet in Home il see people making out and stuff

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