Don Mattrick might yet fix Zynga, but Microsoft’s problems are manifold

EDGE: "No longer head of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, Don Mattrick is off to Zynga to replace embattled CEO Mark Pincus, who stays on as chief product officer and chairman. For Mattrick, a man who has scaled the corporate ladders of both EA and Microsoft since founding Distinctive Software at 17, it’s probably not a step in the direction he anticipated. For former billionaire Pincus, though, it seemed more inevitable that he’d go the way of his company’s share prices."

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dedicatedtogamers1992d ago

Ballmer is stepping in to take control of the Xbox division during the company reorg. Getting rid of Mattrick won't fix problems that were around before he got to Microsoft, it won't fix plans that were made by people other than himself, and it certainly won't fix attitudes that go all the way up to the top.

darthv721992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

for both MS and Zynga. Ms and Sony know the new landscape of gaming is social. Zynga is a very big name in the social gaming field with their games on phones and facebook.

MS is an investor in both FB and Zynga and this move could prove beneficial in the long run for both companies. If Matrick can turn things around, that keeps Zynga in the social game and opens the door for Ms to incorporate the games Zynga has into their platforms like W8 and WP8 and Xb1.

In no way am i saying MS is buying Zynga as they are already a shareholder in the company but they are just trying to keep it going and restructuring the management is the first step to turning things around.

Speculation as to Matrick leaving is very rampant on the web but this deal was already in the works before the XB1 reveal.

dedicatedtogamers1992d ago

What I'm addressing is "problems" like Microsoft's focus on the mass-audience and their focus on the very sort of social media stuff that you're talking about. Sure, not everyone sees those as "problems" but a lot do.

That was my point. Mattrick leaving isn't going to cut Kinect from the Xbox One. Mattrick leaving isn't going to reverse the X1's focus on TvTvSports. Mattrick leaving isn't going to stop the Xbox gaming division from becoming the "Xbox Media Division" after Microsoft's reorg.

And that's the real issue at hand.

nikrel1992d ago

They should really just stop everything with this product and start fresh, I know that's impossible but I think it would be in the best interest for Microsoft and consumer.

But wait.... this is in the best interest for Microsoft, selling us something inferior hardware wise at a higher price.. this absolutely is in Microsoft interest.

OrangePowerz1992d ago

How is he supposed to fix Zynga? He managed to screw up the Xbox to a point where Sony didn't need to do much besides of saying they have used games?

dedicatedtogamers1992d ago

Mattrick did very well with Xbox, at least, in Microsoft's eyes. After he joined in 2007, Xbox Live subscriptions steadily increased, the number of ads on the dashboard increased (and you know Microsoft makes mad money from those), Mattrick was the one who greenlit Kinect and shifted the Xbox 360's focus toward the mass audience.

He made a TON of profit for Microsoft, which is why him leaving probably won't change all the policies that he enacted.

ala_7671992d ago

Never played any Zynga except Farmville which made me Pissed

RedHawkX1992d ago

yep xbox one is gonna have some major trouble you would have to be an idiot to buy it when the ps4 is better and wont have any problems. think smart people.