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E3 2013: Tekken Revolution Impressions | GamingExcellence

Namco Bandai may have just found a way to revolutionize the entire fighting game genre with Tekken Revolution. The first and perhaps most glaring feature this downloadable title will have, exclusively to the PS3, is that it is free-to-play. (E3, PS3, Tekken Revolution)

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Ever-Improving Game Development Model thanks to Direct Player Feedback. A method that could revive Japan's Game Development.
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tarbis  +   693d ago
This is just Tekken 5 with TTT2 chars and stages in it. Do yourself a favor. Save up and buy TTT2 instead.
hkgamer  +   693d ago
or just play this game for free?
thelaughingwiseman  +   693d ago
haha and it's in a much better system. You can unlock characters free, so if you are patient, you can have a full roster and not have to pay a single cent
Williamson  +   693d ago
I thought I was done with tekken but this game has brought me back to it, so much fun.

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