Six Things We’re Expecting To See In TellTale’s The Walking Dead: Season 2

Editor's Note: I wrote this about six months ago and just now realized I never posted it. Keep in mind that this was before "400 Days" was announced, so you wont find any speculation on that here.But here it is!
WARNING: This Post is LOADED with Spoilers. If you have not yet played through all of The Walking Dead please bypass this article.

This is not this first list of this nature concerning the first season of TellTale’s episodic epic: The Walking Dead, but I just completed it and decided to make my own list of expectations. Like most players, I went into the game not expecting much, and came out with my heart torn to shreds by the impressive narrative and the awful things constantly happening to characters I had grown fond of. While the grief of the events that took place are still fresh in my heart, (or my throat, which has a lump in it… a lump of grief) I’ve decided to jot down what I’m expecting to see in the next Season.

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GreenRanger1991d ago

1) Zombies.
2) Zombies.
3) Zombies.
4) Zombies.
5) Zombies.
6) A few more Zombies.

GreenRanger1991d ago

"4) Zombies."

It's right there!

KillrateOmega1991d ago

Don't forget Clementine and her salt lick.

johnsonbat1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

My apologies, I missed that:)