Interview: Soul Saga's Mike Gale on Realising a Real Fantasy on PS4 and Vita

Push Square: "It would have been a real injustice if Soul Saga didn’t make it onto a PlayStation platform. The brainchild of former Microsoft employee Mike Gale is pitched as a love letter to the PSone JRPG era, but was originally only confirmed for the PC, Mac, and Linux. Fortunately, the success of the title’s Kickstarter – which has almost doubled its initial target at the time of writing – has allowed one-man development outfit Disastercake to pledge support for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. We caught up with the studio’s founder to talk consoles, daily routines, and the future of a fatigued genre."

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TongkatAli1992d ago

Indies deserve all success they get and they own their ips not greedy publishers.

1992d ago
jensen861992d ago

i cant wait. n it slyly looks like a pokemon cross ff hybrid n im liking the look of it so far n well done to that one man that put all that together n followed hes dream

Myst1992d ago

I sure hope he will have a fun time doing as many of us anticipate the title. The kickstarter goal has been going great! Still have my fingers crossed to pass the Guild master part!

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