Wii Warm Up: Resident Evil 5 disappointment

Nintendowiifanboy writes:

Whenever we post about the success of a Resident Evil game on the Wii, usually a handful of folks will mention that they wish Resident Evil 5 was coming to Nintendo's console.

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TrevorPhillips3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

lol this was gonna come out for wii u Wiish i don't think its powerful enough to take RE5. But i gotta admit the aiming would be good on wii controllers

leon763612d ago

No way man, are you serious?, RE4 with wiimote is a joke, that wouldn't be different in RE5!!!!!

chaosatom3333611d ago

if it is powerful enough to handle re5 with very little compromises, then it should put every other developer to shame.

Danja3611d ago

Nope dude the Wii-mote was the only reason why I played RE4 on the worked really well dude...made aiming alot more easy

but this is gonna be a prob for Nintendo...when ppl realize that all the good 3rd party games are on other consoles....deja Vu...ala Gamecube.

buddyro3611d ago

make the RE5 for the Wii Manhunt made it. The only reason Resident Evil left Nintendo is because of the sale decline in I think RE3 or something and they realized the Playstation 2 has more consumers, Nintendo's Game Cube had kid games so most people left that system for the PS2 or xbox so financially they had no choice but to chase the consumer.

poopsack3611d ago

why compare the manhunt port from the PS2 to something like res 5 (next gen, hello!)

The Closing3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

Watch the trailer then get back to me on exactly what kind of dumbed down port you're expecting to be possible here. It's like if Einstein were alive we could hit him over the head repeatedly with a baseball bat until he's George Dub'yuh, but I doesn't mean it should be done, may he rest in peace.

rCrysis3611d ago

RE came out for PS. RE2 was PS also. RE3 yet again. The RE fanbase has much ground in Sony. Sure Nintendo has the remakes and some spin-offs. But RE started with Sony. Many RE fans are Sony inclined due to the Playstation original. I'm not saying there aren't people who have nintendo versions of the game. I'm saying, there are plenty of fans that became fans because of Playstation.

The Closing3611d ago

And I say, "too bad buy a real console!"

SL1M DADDY3611d ago

But that is up tot he devs. Besides, it would simply be a dumbed down port that used the Wii-mote as a selling point and would make some decent sales but nothing stellar like we will see on the PS3 and 360.

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