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GIZORAMA - If you are a fan of strategic FPS games, you owe it to yourself to try out PlanetSide 2. With just over 6 month since its release, the community has grown and matured enough to make PlanetSide 2 what should be the new standard for military-like games. Squad combat and teamwork are two of the major highlights, which provide you with an interactive experience that will keep you immersed for hours. And it’s all free!

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Navick1838d ago

I can't wait for the PS4 version! I'm a huge fan of part 1 and have tried part 2 on the PC. It's an excellent game with great graphics. Anyone know if this will be available at launch?

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1838d ago

Yes it's available at launch

Navick1836d ago

Thanks Tier1. I can't wait!

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1836d ago

No problem man anything to help a fellow gamer out!!

WooHooAlex1838d ago

I don't have the PC to play this game, but I can't wait for the PS4 version!