The British gutter press are still after us

A British newspaper is trying to pay people hundreds of pounds to say that computer games made them turn to a life of crime. This is just an outrageous and ridiculous attempt to stitch us up once again.

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Bruceongames3762d ago

This story has now been sent out as a newsflash by the trade newspaper MCV

Dark_Overlord3762d ago

Any Idea which newspaper it is?

BlackCountryBob3762d ago

I wish I was surprised by this but I really am not. Doesn't stop it from being any less shocking and a disgraceful abuse of journalistic freedom. It is a slap in the face to all those brave souls throughout British history who have fought to carve Fleet Street as being the home of quality unbiased investigative journalism.

I never thought I would agree with a politician, let alone a Labour one but maybe Margaret Hodge was right about what she said last year. The news press will keep after games, not because they think they are dangerous as a medium but because they are a new competition for peoples time that is growing fast. While you are gaming, you aint reading your copy of The Sun are you!

Shame on you and I hate to generalise but this is almost certain to be the hypocritical Murdoch press.

Yi-Long3762d ago

"Ever since I started playing and loving videogames, like Mario and Sonic, among other games, I suddenly felt the need, when I turned 15-16, to smoke pot, drink alcohol, skip school, and just hang around on the streets a bit, waiting for a new high. Occasionally, a videogame came out that I wanted, and with education being a mess and jobs very hard to find for someone like me who dropped out of school, I occasionally had to rob someone in order to pay for my alcohol addiction and videogame-habbit. Obviously, Mario and Sonic are at the root of all my problems!"


Hey, you know what else messes kids up really badly!? Divorcing and cheating parents. Should we ban that as well!? How about the crappy educationsystem? What about bullying? What about not having a nice place to play outside after school? What about too much stress? What about a lack of jobs? What about a lying corrupt goverment? What about a hypocrite media? What about The Bible, Koran, religion? What about added sugars and cancerous crap in daily food? etc etc etc...

Stop the scapegoating and start taking responsibility. Useless parents and politicians :(

Robearboy3762d ago

are nothing short of gutter snipes who will sell their own kids and grandmothers to get a story, the whole lot of them need kicking in, i live in England and i see this sort of "jounalism" everyday

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