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Mind-blowing Mario, Zelda and Pokemon fan theories

ONM writes: Sometimes the established canon of various videogames just isn't good enough for some people. Is Mario just about saving Peach? Is Pokemon just about innocent battling of cute creatures? Or do these games hide deeper levels of social commentary or disturbing implications> People love to speculate and there are literally hundreds of excellent fan theories floating around out there devoted to some of your favourite Nintendo games, but I've picked out three that I thought were the most fascinating. (3DS, GameCube, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Wii, Wii U)

vork77  +   443d ago
1.there is a zelda time line
2.you are red and you are good
3.mario is a plumber
Canary  +   443d ago
3.1 Addendum: Mario is not a plumber, the crappy American television show does not in any way retcon established Mario canon.
cpayne93  +   443d ago
Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't the games refer to him as a plumber? And hasn't Nintendo referred to him as a plumber?
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bass4g  +   442d ago
in donkey kong he was a carpenter and he jumped over wooden barrels but he was also called jumpman at that point. In most other games he's a plumber and he spends his time moving through pipes. He wouldn't be moving through pipes if he wasn't a plumber.
Canary  +   442d ago
None of the games--the main games, at least--have EVER referred to Mario's occupation.

As for "He wouldn't be moving through pipes if he wasn't a plumber."

I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.
pixelsword  +   442d ago
{Miyamoto commented that if he had named Mario "Mr. Video", Mario likely would have "disappeared off the face of the Earth."[6] By Miyamoto's own account, Mario's profession was chosen to fit with the game design. Since Donkey Kong was set on a construction site, Mario was made into a carpenter. When he appeared again in Mario Bros., it was decided he should be a plumber, since a lot of the game is played in underground settings.[10] Mario's character design, particularly his large nose, draws on western influences; once he became a plumber, Miyamoto decided to "put him in New York" and make him Italian,[10] lightheartedly attributing Mario's nationality to his mustache.[11]}

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JKelloggs  +   443d ago
I just see that Mario is a plumber, but on his time off he saves Peach!
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sweendog  +   443d ago
Mario actually started as a builder in Donkey Kong but the use of pipes to get from a to b in later games lead him to be known as a plumber. look it up.
Maybe plumbers earn more than builders
paulcek  +   442d ago
You are Red, and you may not be so good. In the game, you fight Blue a bunch of times right? At the beginning he has a Rattata. You fight him some more, and another time he uses a Raticate (the evolved Rattata) Then, when you fight him at the end, no Raticate. People speculate that you killed his Raticate when you fought him. Which is really sad. haha.

It's safe to say Red and Blue are just rivals.
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vork77  +   442d ago
blue fights you and the pokemion rule is if there eyes meet yours you fight yet they spin you around
GamingAngelGabriel  +   443d ago
They're fun Nintendo games. And Mario HAS no canon.
Wni0  +   443d ago
This just in, vague plots are easy to elaborate on.
BosSSyndrome  +   443d ago
Well lakitu was filming you in Mario 64...
azshorty2003  +   443d ago
I was expecting them to talk about Pokémon as slaves as usual.

Never thought about the rival thing that way. But even still, he was a spoiled punk. Its no wonder his grandpa showed him no sympathy when he lost the title.
Braid  +   443d ago
If Mario is an actor he might not be Italian after all. Maybe he's faking the accent and wearing a fake moustache. Maybe he's not that fat and there's a pillow wrapped around his belly under the red shirt. Count that as a theory as well.
jambola  +   443d ago
I don't even understand the pokemon one
i mean, just even if Blue had a hard time etc, it wouldn't make red the bad guy, it would just mean blue wasn't a bad guy.
vork77  +   442d ago
blue is the one always fightihng with red and waiting for him so blue and red are rivals
jakmckratos  +   442d ago
I like the Zelda one..it's kind of how there's always more than one way to tell a folk legend or fairy tale.

THe pokemon one is stupid. You're both rivals. Professor Oak is senile as he can't remeber your name either( much less even tell if your a boy or girl) and there's like 7 people in your town! And you don't have a dad. So BOOM. I've heard a better theory that about 10 years before pokemon red and blue there was a great war which you and your rivals father perished(as did many pokemon species which were forced to migrate to other regions). This is further supported by Lt. Surge talking about fighting with his pokemon in a war.

The Mario one is new to me but I don't exactly like it.

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