The Last of Us Developer Talks Faking Open World Levels and Weenies

“[In] game design in general there’s the idea of the Weenie. Which is back to the Disneyland example of how when you’re walking in Disneyland you can see the castle off in the background and you wander and do rides and you can still see it and its getting closer. And you keep going. So we found little ways of having that macro goal always out there but getting the player really invested in the micro goal.”

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Thatguy-3101990d ago

You know i don'r really care if a game is linear. As log as it offers a compelling campaign then I wont complain. In open world games I tend to lose track of the Story and that's why there are few open world titles that I like. Hoping how the next Uncharted game will play out seeing how they learned from their work in The Last of Us.

levian1990d ago

I don't mind linear games either as long as they are fun.

What I don't like is paying $60 for a game that only lasts 15 hours and doesn't have much replayability, because it relied to heavily on the story and the surprises and emotions from experiencing it for the first time.

I truly think these short linear games need to be priced at $39.99, because they are doomed to be bought, traded in, and then bought used.

KUV19771989d ago

If ever a game has been worth 60 bucks it's The Last of Us!

GenericNameHere1989d ago

Finished the game? Go play multiplayer and collect the trophies to add more game time. Did you collect all collectibles on your first playthrough? Did you listen to Ellie's jokes? All the optional conversations? Read additional background info from tapes and documents? Did Survivor difficulty? What about New Game+? Are you on Week 12 on multiplayer? Did you try finishing the game as fast as you can? An average play time of MGS4 can take over 10 hours, but if you skip everything, you can finish it in less than 3 hours.

15 hours is a really good length for a linear game, and this game has plenty of things to do once you beat the main game.

I enjoyed this linear game more than Skyrim, that's for sure. And I got the Platinum Trophy for that game, in 90 hours.

Valkyre1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )


You have got to be joking me....

please then go and pay 200 dollars to play a mindless game like Call of Duty Ghosts...

If a game manages to move you, to emotionally engage you and to actually make you THINK it is worth every single peny of its 60$ price tag...

Gaming is not just pressing buttons mindlessly... your comment pretty much gives scumbag corporations like activision the incentive to increase prices on their yearly expansion packs called Call of Duty, because hey!! you play so many hours of COD, so you know... it is actually worth it! So pay 80$ for that lovely expansion pack I offer you each year...

seanpitt231989d ago

People pay $10 to $15 to see a 2 hour movie and that's if you don't get any snacks so with a 14 hour story with the last of us is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Inception1989d ago

I bought TloU on day 1 and right now (4th july) i'm still playing it. Not a single time i want to trade this game. So much replay value in TloU, cause i just finished Survivor diff and playing MP on Hunter side week 7 (already finished Firefly journey). Maybe after i beaten Hunter journey, i will take a break. But i will definitely comeback playing it when ND release SP & MP DLC.

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Blacklash931989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Every game makes you go from point A to B to progress and open-world games are no exception. You just get more empty space to screw around in.

GTAIV felt very "linear" when I'm being forced to return to the same locations and repeat the same tiresome mission designs (not to mention playing chauffeur constantly) over and over. And with no other option to push the game forward.