More development details for Mario Kart 8 emerge

A new interview with Mario Kart 8 producer Konno and director Yabuki has been published over at NeoGAF. The pair shares a few details about development of the game, including the fact that it's only in development by EAD Kyoto and that there is no outside development team helping as there was for Mario Kart 7.

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overlordror1991d ago

They need to do more with the GamePad than just off-TV play. Also, the inverted tracks feature is nice, but I'd like to see a Mario Kart with more than just a single gimmick.

DivineAssault 1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Agreed... Whats the point in the wii u having a gamepad like that & its only useful if u want to play in lower resolution on a smaller screen? I just dont get why they made the gamepad if they arent using it for much.. Wii U shouldve came with the pro controller & the gamepad as a separate accessory.. This game should have track editor & other mods coming out in 2013-2014. Theres no excuses for this especially since this will be the only mario kart the wii u will ever receive.. Jus like smash bros will be.. They rarely do sequels on the same console

This game looks cool n all but i was expecting more than just driving up walls & a fresh coat of HD paint.. Just like the rest of their games, theres little different than higher resolution wii games

BullyMangler1991d ago

u act like everything about mario kart 8 has just been revealed.

and how does the lower resolution on the wiiU game-pad look bad < ?

and how is almost 7 inches of screen small?

obviously u do not have a wiiU, nor have seen a game-pad huh . . just speaking out of your pooper? ha haaa

Mr_Nuts1991d ago

Just over a year ago...come on this should of been in development half way through the Wii Us development

I hope it has support for the pro controller

Muffins12231991d ago

Im still not buying wiiu...they would have to announce kirby air ride, and a REAL Triple AAA mario game like super mario galaxy and a zelda.

Neonridr1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Mario Kart for the Wii sold over 30 million copies. Name one Sony or Microsoft title that sold anywhere near that amount (not including pack-ins - ie Kinect Adventures).

Mario Kart IS a AAA title.

Muffins12231991d ago

Okay what about platform mario bitch?

jcnba281991d ago

Are you kidding me? You can't get more tripe A than a new Mario Kart.

ChickeyCantor1991d ago

"There will be no track editor"


Neonridr1991d ago

shame, here's hoping they add one in the future. Imagine with Miiverse you could post your own tracks and have a leaderboard with the best lap times per track..

Lots of possibilities there..

Mr_Nuts1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

I don't understand that, people have been asking for one for years. Why wasn't this on their list.

This is the problem for Ninendo their games in terms quality are good and they are fun to play but content wise some just are lacking.

Take Animal Crossing for example, good additive games but if you take City Folk which didn't seem like it expanded from Wild World and New Leaf...New Leaf is basicaly what City Folk should of been. It's like they do the bare minimum they wouldn't push them selfs to add more features. Why didn't they find a way to add the cut levels in Super Mario Galaxy instead of making a sequel out of them

I feel like this has been rushed, they apparently and I said apparently said theres only 12 characters (whos knows if there's more as unlockables so you know this isn't a main point yet), no map editor and the fact it just started development less then a year ago. Why wasn't this started as soon as the Wii U finished development, same goes for Zelda which I was expecting to see at this years E3.

Jagsrock1991d ago

no track editor is the only point i'll agree with. The guy(some booth guy) was talking about the demo which included 12 would be absurd to think they would not include more.

The fact that they had enough "cut levels"from mario galaxy to make a game rated higher than the original goes against your point.You also have no idea what nintendo is and has been developing to say it should have been in development earlier. Zelda wii u has been in development too btw and miyamoto simply wanted to wait a bit longer to show it. Nintendo is no longer bound to e3 to release info so expect some zelda wiiu news soon.

Mr_Nuts1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

*** The fact that they had enough "cut levels"from mario galaxy to make a game rated higher than the original goes against your point ****

Not really, I'd rather of seen more content in the first Galaxy game then a full price retail game which is less of the same in the first one.

*** You also have no idea what nintendo is and has been developing to say it should have been in development earlier.***

Well considering it's been a pretty dry couple of months for the Wii U...sorry I mean a lot of months since the Wii U launched they obviously haven't been developing that much in house. Surely with a game like Mario Kart you would of had it in development after it had finished.

Look at Sony with Killzone Shadow Fall or Microsoft with Halo 5 for example, they've had them in development for their consoles for a while, obviously Microsoft with Halo is coming next year but thats because Halo 4 only released last year. The point is they knew they were their first party hits so they had them ready to release soon for their consoles.

Sincere01211991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

You sony/microsoft fanboys are hilarious. Come back to me when sony/microsoft establishes a franchise as big as Mario or Zelda.

Gran Turismo 4 (highest selling of series) - 15 mil

Mario Kart Wii - 34 mil

Nintendo's IP's have more mass appeal than Sony's/Microsofts and they certainly sell more than Sony's/Microsofts franchises.

ChickeyCantor1991d ago

I care, because it extends the value of the game.
But I'm glad you're missing the point.

Qrphe1991d ago

I wish they'd try to go for 1080p, regardless it turned out very visually appealing.

Concertoine1991d ago

from what i've heard it is 1080p

Qrphe1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

That's just a false rumor, the build from the screenshots Nintendo released show it's 720p.

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