Interview: Dr Tanya Byron: Part Two

Whether she likes it or not, Dr Tanya Byron has spent the past few days with her telegenic face splashed all over the British media, championing the ethics and entertainment value of videogaming.

Crticisms characterising her Review's recommendations as at best a tautology, at worst a completely unnecessary extra burden to an industry that has gone out of its way to do the right thing, are not entirely without merit.

But the tenor of much of the mainstream reporting, from which one could easily assume the feral beast of gaming had, to date, roamed wholly unchecked through the media wilderness, is a clear enough sign that an independent report of this stature was absolute necessary for 'getting the message across'.

That the best the recalcitrant gutter press could muster in retaliation was Anne Diamond is what you might call progress. With her "job done", Byron insists the public consultation over the coming months will now allow all interested parties to work out their remaining differences in a constructive, grown-up way - a development in itself not to be sniffed at.

In the second part of the interview with Byron, she explains in detail why PEGI had to stay involved, and gives her opinion on the research into the effects of gaming on children.

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