36 Things We'll Never Forget About The PlayStation 3

Before the PlayStation 4 enters our lives, take a look back at some of Gamespot fondest and darkest memories of the PS3.

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Need4Game1906d ago

PS3 will still exist 10 year later, thanks to GAIKAI.

SegaSaturn6691906d ago

When the ps4 announced no backward compatibility, it was like "but there's still AAA titles coming on the ps3 after its launch!"

Thank goodness for Gaikai; don't let us down!

abzdine1906d ago

we're not gonna forget it anytime soon! PS3 is in the hearts of gamers!

clearelite1906d ago

I will still be playing blurays discs/games on my ps3 in 10 years. I still have a lot of catching up to do anyway.

levian1906d ago

Do we know if Gaikai is going to be a paid or free service yet? I haven't heard anything about it yet myself.

I hope it'll be included with PS+, that'd be an amazing selling point.

Prcko1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

So much good games on ps3
my favorite is uncharted 2 atm(didn't played tlou yet)

Jamaicangmr1906d ago

How could you do urself such a disservice? Get off the internetz and go play the last of us now!!!!

hellvaguy1906d ago

Low ram and free online.

creatchee1906d ago

Two things....

"War has changed..."

and waking up in a train that was soon hanging precariously off of a snowy cliff.

Williamson1906d ago

I'll never forget all the games, games! A lot of quality new IPS being made as well, easily one of my favorite consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.