Best of E3 2013 winners announced, PC wins at all, Titanfall wins Best of Show and Six total awards

Behindgames writes: Game Critics Awards has announced the "Best of E3 2013 winners", Titanfall wins best of show and 5 more awards.

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Lovable1989d ago

So pretty much Titanfall wins every every category it was nominated for. If they say its that good, then it probably is.

Mr_Nuts1989d ago

People said FF13 was good, people said the new dmc was good, RE5, GTA4, AC3

Look what happened some were horrible and others were over rated,

TitanFall looks like it's doing nothing new especialy out of all the better looking next gen games.

It's basically the kind of improvement which you were expected to see for the sequel to Modern warfare.

NewMonday1989d ago

many of the "critics" are Xbox affiliated sites. like handing yourself a trophy.

GiggMan1989d ago

Last year the Last of Us pretty much took home all the awards. Look how that turned out...

Mr_Nuts1989d ago (Edited 1988d ago )


I think that had something to do with NaughtyDogs reputation aswell though. They've never let us down since the first Crash Bandicoot. So that comparison is a bad one at that

GiggMan1988d ago

@Mr_Nuts I'm kinda with you on this one. I'm just saying last year they picked a good one. This year it could be the same, I don't know. Personally I'm going to give Titianfall a try a little later down the line. I'm just not biting the hype yet myself. Killzone did multiplayer mechs and jetpacks and they were also done way before that. So it's nothing new.

Seems like a great game but of course best in show is debatable unfortunately I wasn't there.

SephirothX211988d ago

If Titanfall was a PS4 exclusive, I think you would say saying quite the opposite. I personally am getting PS4 first but Titanfall looks like a lot of fun and I might get it for pc. Let's try to be objective.

mikeslemonade1988d ago

Here's my unbiased ranking;
Watch Dogs
Titan Fall

The jet packs and the wall jumping look phenomenal but graphically Titanfall isn't next gen enough so that's why it's #4.

Mr_Nuts1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )


No I wouldn't but it's nice to know that your one those users who think they know everything about someone...making false assumptions

Get real man.

TitanFall looks average at best

You take COD's mechanics, you add a Sci Fi setting with mechs, Jetpacks (Halo), wall running and climbing (BRINK) and have TitanFall, nothing in this is original

Out of all the other games at E3, even the indie ones this didn't look that impressive, not as much to win awards anyway when you have watchdogs, The Division, Destiny

*** Let's try to be objective. ***

Stop trying to bring fanboyism into these types of articles to try and start an argument or to make yourself look big. If someone is talking about a multiplatform game (and it is, it will come to the PS4 in the's EA) then why would anyone side with one console when it's coming to both. I don't like the look of it because as I've said it does nothing new

Root1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )


Oh yes because anyone who has an opinion of a game is a fanboy. I'd understand if it was a Microsoft exclusive but it isn't.

LOL look at the disagree's, yup disagree with the truth guys I know it's hard but what can you do. I love articles like this when all the die hard MS fanboys come out to play, we don't see you guys very often, wondering why. I mean take the guys below

"seems like they are out of nuts and all you have left are sour grapes."

What kind of insult is that

Then you have comments like mikeslemonade being disagreed to death for nothing. He stated his personal list, whats wrong with that. Is it because on his list TitanFall is 4th not 1st. Your only defending the game because you think it's a MS exclusive if it was multiplatform from the start nobody would be praising this.

Bigpappy1988d ago

It is critics opinion dude. if you were at e3 and think you know better, you shoud contact them and let you fellings be known, or write your own blog.

seems like they are out of nuts and all you have left are sour grapes.

GameCents1988d ago

Noticing a sever lack of UC2 and TLoU in your list there. People said those games were good and they were right. Who's to say they aren't right about TitanFall? Also, I don't recall dmc winning any best of e3 awards.

HammadTheBeast1988d ago

It is the sequel to MW1-2. This is basically what people want to be the "new CoD".

Anyways, if its good, I'll check it out on PC.

JokesOnYou1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Mr Nutz you have a silly excuse for everything, reputation is one thing that only means people expect greatness but of course you still got to deliver, so to say the awards last year had more to do with ND's reputation than the merits of their game make you look very foolish and desperate to discredit the same critics only AFTER they awarded a game you do not favor.

humbleopinion1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Your comment sounds a bit delusional... you are mentioning games which were never chosen as best games overall in E3 Game Critic Awards. Some of them could have (GTA IV), but didn't even appear in E3 so they didn't even qualify. Most other games you mentioned were never even nominated.

If you want to dismiss Titanfall, it's best to have a look at what games actually won "best of show" in the past years:
2012 - Last of Us
2011 - BioShock Infinite
2009 - Uncharted 2
2008 - Fallout 3

So if you consider all the games above to be horrible and overrated games, chances are that you might not like Titanfall as well. Perhaps some of them were unoriginal and simply copied a few mechanics from other games - but they were all excellent games. If you consider these games as some of the top games this generation had to offer, you should be really expecting Titanfall now.

Needless to say, Titanfall actually managed to set a new record for the number of wins in a single E3: 6 awards total, compared to 4 awards for Bioshock Infinite and Last of Us (+1 for sound). And it managed to do it in a year where both console manufacturers revealed a new console with awesome lineup, and other trendy gadgets such as the Rift had some amazing buzz.
Expectations for a new game IP were never as high.

Pinkdolphin1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Funny you easily make the comparison of cod then mention Destiny as a counter argument and didnt do the same comparison with halo. Bias bias bias bias bias and you know it. Is it because of that ps4 exclusive content that changed your mind? Double standards. I can easily question the origionality of Destiny by comparing it to Halo but you convieniently forget so it matches up with your agenda.

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fermcr1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Yep, Titanfall looked to me like one of the best games at E3. Looks to be a lot of fun.

Septic1988d ago

It does look incredible (regardless of the phantom disagrees by the 'bitter bunch').

Whilst I still yearn for the return of good ol blisteringly fast and ruthless no nonsense FPS' like Quake 3, this does remind me in some ways of it.

Jetpacks, wall climbing, fast-paced gameplay, mechs. It looks great if you love your competitive FPS'.

warewolfSS1988d ago


You will loose all your bubbles

Root1988d ago

"regardless of the phantom disagrees by the 'bitter bunch')"

Maybe it's because they think it isn't good, ever thought about that. Of course not because to you Septic everyone who hates something you like are bitter ¬¬

NewMonday1988d ago

"Jetpacks, wall climbing, fast-paced gameplay, mechs"

other than wall climbing nothing is original, it looks a nice game for it's category but nothing more, this game and a couple of others get overhyped by a group of people to convince themselves they have something special.

overall there are 2 games that will start to define the next generation, the Division and Destiny.

JokesOnYou1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

"other than wall climbing nothing is original"

newmonday so please I'd like to know what do you think is a great ORIGINAL shooter with gameplay elements that have never been done before?

Isn't the point is that a great game justs has gameplay that works well, it takes different things puts them together making something fun, interesting or feels fresh a a whole although its individual parts are not new? When you play a game do you ask yourself "is that flip kick new?" "Is that charge attack a first?" etc or do you say "cool that game was good?"

-yep I wonder if you'll tell me this awesome original shooter with all new innovative indivdual gameplay elements that have never been done before.

MikeMyers1988d ago

"Maybe it's because they think it isn't good, ever thought about that. Of course not because to you Septic everyone who hates something you like are bitter."

It's about context. If you ask a Xbox fanboy who hate everything about Sony they are unlikely to give an honest opinion about great games like Gran Turismo. The same will be said of Sony fanboys and games that are not coming to the Playstation. On top of that if a member is on here and is negative most of time, rarely likes anything then his/her comment will have to be taken into context as well.

The fact is Titanfall is getting a lot of attention and most sites have been raving about it. So who are you going to tend to lean towards for a more honest opinion, someone who hates everything, a site filled with Playstation fans or outside media sources?

4Sh0w1988d ago

MikeMyers well said, MrNutz, newmonday, Hammad, and some other well known guys hate everything xbox so why would you believe for second that their comments are anything but trolling.

CrimsonStar1988d ago

Lol all the PS Fan boys are getting disagrees for hating on a game that's not coming to their console....... lol . Jesus Can yall be happy that the Xbox is finally getting some good games?

NewMonday1988d ago


then why call it "original"? why did it "win" best original game?

as for originality in a first person game you have games like Pry, Portal, Mirrors Edge

"Isn't the point is that a great game just has gameplay that works well"

but was their an open hands on demo for people to try it? no, so how do you know it works well?

right now it's just an interesting game for the crowd that likes this kind of thing, It may very well end up a great game, but we don't see or know enough right now.

JokesOnYou1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

newmonday I thought you were going to name some original fps's:

"Pry" I don't know what that is, if you meant Prey well its a great game but hardly original, unless you'd like to share specifics.

Portal is listed as a shooter but also in some cases as a puzzle platform game depending on the site, but either way although its different its not original as its based on a game called Narbacular Drop which was an environmental puzzle video game developed by Nuclear Monkey Software released for pc in 2005.

As for Mirrors Edge again even the folks who created the game don't think its even a shooter:

"O'Brien stressed that "this is an action adventure. We're not positioning this as a shooter - the focus isn't on the gun, it's on the person." Gameplay in Mirror's Edge focuses on finding the best route through the game's environments while combat takes a secondary role."

-So again we can always play the "thats not original" game all day but the point is if the 30+ game critics who were there in person to judge the games feel its a "fresh" enough and compelling enough game to merit the most original game award then its the winner whether you agree or not is irrelevant.

NewMonday1987d ago


Prey: level design
Portal: it's not just about portals you know
ME: all you can do is discoalify it?

your saying saying TF is just a very well made game but also trying to defend it as "original"? and you haven't played it yet, their isn't even a preview out for it.

I'm saying it's to early and to little information to judge it now.

as for "critics" this is a "sponsored list", in popular gaming sites and gamer votes the Witcher3 and the Division are sweeping the awards.

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ATi_Elite1988d ago

E3 is strictly for consoles but every game that won an award has a PC version.

PS4 can't say that! LMAO!!!

Ashlen1989d ago

I don't know what to say really.

The game has no single player it's just a run around shoot em up. It's hard for me to get behind that style of game much less Best of Show. And the fact they gave it Best in Show over Watchdogs or PS4 in the same category just seems off to me.

Mr_Nuts1989d ago

Exactly what I was thinking

How can you have a typical FPS which looks still a little generic with no single player over an open world, well crafted single player game with mutliplayer online features aswell. I mean hacking things with a mobile phone is not something you really see in video games is it.

frostyhat1231988d ago

How do you have six bubbles?

Mr_Nuts1988d ago

because unlike most people on here like you who most likely had one bubble before they gave everyone Five bubbles...I'm not a troll :)

Root1988d ago

LOL frostyhat123

Thats rich coming from you

AngelicIceDiamond1988d ago

But nuts my from my impression of you is your slightly biased and a semi fanboy. you seem really defensive.

I mean come on.

Gigman said last year TLOU one all kinds of awards because its naughty dog and they have a great track record which is very true.

How is comparing Naughty dog to former Cod makers a bad comparison? You know they created one of the most well known games in history. Key word *Created.

What makes you think Zampella and his team can't do it again?

That is a very fair comparison.

JokesOnYou1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Ashlen thats of course an over-simplified veiw point of this game...and of course thats fine if YOU feel that way no different then a game critic who doesn't like any game. in regards to jrpgs like FF and almost every single one of them I was brave enough to try. For example I swear they all can be summed up as boring, repetitive, collect this item, hit the button talk to this character, hit the button attack this monster, snooze fests.= over-simplified but yes thats exactly how I feel and why I hate jrpgs with a passion. true? Well it is for me and although you may not have anything against fps in general it still doesn't change the FACT that these critics who have picked past games that turned out to be big hits loved Titanfall this year.

So unfortunately for you it seems just like with almost every great game your personal negative opinion will just leave you in the minority that "just don't get it". Hopefully KZ Shadow or whatever will be more to your liking.

CrimsonStar1988d ago

So when people like something different then what you like ,its wrong, stupid, and overrated ??? lol nice logic .

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Tony-A1988d ago

This is the unfortunate truth of this industry.

We try our hardest to tout it as an art form and are quick to shove games like Uncharted, The Last of Us, Journey and Heavy Rain in the faces of those in the film industry...

But when it comes down to it, it's games like these that show us what really keeps the industry from being recognized by any other. I would say that, 7 times out of 10, the E3 "Best of Shows" or the games that everyone talks about will always have the same shoot, run, jump elements that makes games stay games and nothing else to other industries.

In reality, I'd like to play this game, and I couldn't care less about what the other industries think about this one. But, a tip for journalists in this industry: don't get so caught up in the accusations that video games are "just games" when all you do is put those types of games up on pedestals like this.

hankmoody1988d ago

Is this the part where you go on about how PS3 gamers appreciate more thoughtful, artsy videogames as opposed to Xbox 360 users who only like FPS shooters and immediate gratification? Cause if it is, save it.

warewolfSS1988d ago

Would the fact that your a ps fanboy have anything to do with this comment? Did you enjoy killzone? Also, are you bitter ps didn't bring home a single cookie.

If the answer iif the answer is yes to any of those, I'm sorry you feel the way you do inside.

Godz Kastro1988d ago

Why are you so caught up on being recognized by other industries? This is the games industry. Let movies and music do what they do and games do what they do.

Tony-A1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

hahahaha, you all completely misunderstood my premise...

@hankmoody - No. I don't think PS3 gamers appreciate more thoughtful, artsy video games. I simply referenced those four because they're all praised for elements beyond the status quo. The fact that they all happen to be exclusive is merely coincidence. Let's not jump the gun.

@warewolfSS - I'm not a "PS Fanboy." In fact, I don't even have a PS3 anymore. I sold it. I did have Killzone 2 and 3 when I owned it, however, and enjoyed them a lot. I even got the Platinum trophy for Killzone 3. I also plan to enjoy Titanfall when it comes out. You must've missed the part where I said that "I'd like to play" it. I would buy it for my 360 upon launch, but I plan to sell that as well, so my only option left is to buy it on PC. And finally, what do I have to be bitter about? Even if Sony's E3 conference would have been 2 1/2 hours of exclusive titles, that wouldn't do a damn thing for me right now because I don't own a PS4 yet.

@Godz Kastro - You also may have missed a few points in my post, namely where I mentioned that "I couldn't care less about what the other industries think." I was specifically spotlighting the journalists in this industry that make such an emphasis to bring themselves "up" (I would say "down"; no other medium compares to the interactivity of this industry) to the level of those "prestigious", artsy fartsy assholes found in the other industries.

I hope I made myself a little more clear.

@papashango - Okay, some people are getting a little too defensive here. When did I ever even mention a single video game console in my initial post at all? I continue to speak solely about games and the industry, and a majority of the responses are attacking a console that 1.) I don't even own anymore and 2.) was never mentioned in my post! Not a single "PlayStation", "Xbox" nor "Nintendo" was written...

papashango1988d ago

and the most sold franchise on the PS3 belongs to?

Call of Duty.

Sony fans need to get off that little horse their on.

humbleopinion1988d ago

I ROFLed so hard here...

When you talk about games as a unique art form and shoving games in the faces of those in the film industry, it might be better not to include 3/4 games which are trying the hardest to mimic the Hollywood industry, one of them even refereed by its creator as interactive cinematic experience.

Not to mention, two of the games you mentioned actually won "best of shows" in the past: Uncharted and The Last of US. You should either change your perspective to match reality, or think of better examples for games as a unique form of art. And even when discussing games with true artistic merit such as Bioshock/Infinite, better remember that these games were also highly praised.

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Hellsvacancy1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Id give the award to The Division or The Witcher 3, Titan Fall looked like a Red Faction ripoff

warewolfSS1988d ago

No good ps articles to comment on?

Kingnichendrix1988d ago

I don't get why people are getting so many disagrees its not really a XBox exclusive as it is also on pc, I think what people are trying to express is how can a game that does not have a story be voted ahead games like The Witcher. Personally i could not give a fly f*c* what does matter is E3 is about games, and titan fall is clearly a great game.

Kingnichendrix1988d ago

Well on a second looks seems like witcher 3 got a f**k ton of awards I guess it can't have all of them

Hellsvacancy1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

No sis, why would I be?

GiggMan1989d ago

I really didn't see what was so special. I personally thought Destiny looked better. Unfortunately they are both going to have to take a backseat to Killzone and Battlefield 4 initially :-(

Hopefully I will be on board with Titianfall and Destiny (really more so Destiny) in the near future though...

GiggMan1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Wow I'm guessing nobody was feeling the other shooters lol. My reasoning I guess is different than others. I can only go on the trailers for what I saw. I wasn't at E3. I'm more of a team base shooter person so that's why I have been leaning toward the other choices.

I thought I was doing a good job of not taking anything away from Titianfall because it does look awesome. But the E3 gameplay demo really didn't have any team based elements in it at all. Especially for a title that is multiplayer only. I saw little to no teamwork (not to say that there isn't any just maybe not in the demonstration) That's just more what I'm in to. It looks like you can wreak havoc lone wolf style with your mech and I can't wait to try it.

Battlefield 4 is proven team based and that's a given. I was shocked at how good Destiny looked and the cooperation and team elements were displayed better in that stage demo. Killzone.... Well I'm just a fanboy and I admit it because they didn't show any multiplayer but I have faith :-P

No_Limit1988d ago

Titanfall richly deserves it. Can't wait for this game next spring on my Xbox One.

Stryfeno21988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Agreed...This is what swayed me to get a Xbox One...Oh and Killer Instinct too.

hankmoody1988d ago

I watched the trailer for this at work when it initially aired and by the time I got home, I preordered the system.