Conker Holds Top 10

Banjo Conker writes:

In Major Nelson's most recent Xbox Live Activity Update, Conker: Live and Reloaded was marked #10, as one of the original Xbox's most played games.

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TrevorPhillips3763d ago

Welcome back Banjo Conker :)

JsonHenry3763d ago

I loved the game. I played it on the N64, then on the Xbox. But for some reason the Xbox controls seemed really messed up. It was hard for me to aim on that version. But the graphics looked 10 times better than what I thought the xbox could pull off.

iceice1233763d ago

That was some crap multiplayer Rare did. Should have left the multiplayer like it was on the n64 version, I'd still play if it was like that.

likeaboss3023763d ago

I only played the N64 version but it was a great game. I guess at some point I might pickup the XBox version on the cheap and give it a spin.