Sonic: Lost World hands-on preview – Super Sonic Galaxy | Metro

Metro: "Sega finally produces the 3D Sonic The Hedgehog game fans have been waiting decades for, in what could be the best new platformer of the year."

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Shinobi1001871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

This will be the GREATEST Sonic game since Sonic & Knuckles. XXXXXXXXCELLENT! The TRUE story is that this game DOES heavily borrow elements from Super Mario Galaxy. BUT, Galaxy also heavily borrowed elements from Sonic X-Treme. So Sega is technically borrowing elements from itself with this one

darthv721871d ago

more like actually finishing what they started on the saturn.

SegaGamer1871d ago

I'm getting annoyed with Super Mario galaxy stuff, they can't say Sonic copied Super Mario Galaxy because then i could say Super Mario Galaxy copied Sonic.

darthv721871d ago

you really cant back up the claim as sega never released sonic x-treme on the saturn. It was in development before the dreamcast came out but we can see its the same principal.

_QQ_1870d ago

No one is saying they copied, they are saying it looks similar,which is a good thing seeing how both Galaxies are the highest rated games of this gen.

DivineAssault 1871d ago

Hope it turns out good.. Im not holding my breath though

Sgt_Slaughter1871d ago

This is going to be better than Colors I think, and that was the best Sonic game of last generation.