The Greatest Athlete in Video Game History Returns Next Week

Kotaku: "When he visited our television sets a generation ago he came to us in two different forms, one of them human. In his time he was unmistakably the best athlete of both realms, and his latter manifestation—the indestructible, immortal, and still unstoppable Video Game Bo Jackson—returns to the field next week."

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badboy7761992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Raider Nation!!!!!!!

Football ain't Football without the Raiders!

ZBlacktt1992d ago

Tecmo Bowl was one of my favorite football games back in the day, lol. Bo was a beast with the stiff arm!!!!

KwietStorm1992d ago

lol didn't even need a stiff arm. He was a truck.

ZBlacktt1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Yeah, most everybody would pick the Raiders just because of him. I'd still try the 49er's with Jerry Rice and Montana, lol. Or you had LT on the Giants.

KwietStorm1992d ago

Yea LT and Derrick Thomas had running back speed lol

ZBlacktt1992d ago

DT was my favorite player. I still own his jersey here at the house and yes, still a KC fan, lol.