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Kinect HD Is Xbox One's Best Idea

Thatgamecompany founder Jenova Chen wants to make games that "bring people together", that "relate" to people on a "human" level. The new version of Kinect, meanwhile, can read your expression and handle up to six participants in local multiplayer. Would it be utterly, disgracefully literal-minded of me to suggest that Chen and Microsoft's whiz-bang peripheral might do rather well out of one another? (Xbox One)

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Ashlen  +   876d ago
Kinect is like the Hula hoop. Everyone had to have one, then after a month when people realized it wasn't that fun no one wanted one anymore.
sonarus  +   876d ago
kinnect is not for everyone and its certainly not for me. The allure of motion gaming in my opinion is long gone. Wii was great for a while but eventually even the wii sales waned and they still didnt improve with the release of the wii u. Kinnect, ps eye toy, move controller or whatever the technology is old and outdated. New technology as we go into future generations will be appreciated.


That video show cases a guy contolling a hellicopter with his mind. This would be something i would be excited about because it actually doesn't require any stress or jumping around sacrificing precise controls in the name of fun which really just means looking like an idiot most of the time.

Screw kinnect, move or eye toy voice controls or whatever additional feature as long as it decreases precision i can get from a controller i am not interested at all
Gaming101  +   875d ago
It brings casuals together, as for hardcore gamers who want precision skilled based games, it's something to turn your xbone on and off.
creatchee  +   876d ago


Your argument is now invalid ;)
darthv72  +   876d ago
maybe your point would have been better if you said pet rock instead of hula hoop. As far as i know, the hula hoop is still a viable product. Pet rock....not so much.

@creatchee, yeah that really proves the hula hoop is no fun............/jk
Urusernamesucks  +   875d ago
But kinect Ain't a hula hoop bro. What are are you getting high on?
kennyg3739  +   876d ago
I wanted it, I still think developers can do many things with the new and improved kinect 2.0
green  +   876d ago
High praise indeed for Kinect 2 from the developer of Journey. Hope he gets to make a game that will make good use of it sometime in the near future.
trickman888  +   876d ago
No it isn't.
Urusernamesucks  +   875d ago
Yes it is.
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thekhurg  +   876d ago
Their best idea was reversing their DRM policies. Kinect isn't a good idea at all, nor is it a bad one. I'm pretty sure the gaming community as a whole could take or leave Kinect and not care (if it was free).

But it's inflating the cost of this console by $100 so people are irritated by it.
tubers  +   876d ago
The only thing I'm really looking forward to this is with some better accessibility for the handicap/ill.

Making it mandatory would likely create a hair more development interest for games that can be played more by the sick.

Selfish in a way (mandatory cam may screw a lot of gamers that made the Xbox popular and successful).. but yeah.
GodGinrai  +   876d ago
I think the key thing here is that kinect NEVER replaces the controller but adds to it. As long as devs keep that in mind it could be interesting.
Megaton  +   876d ago
Note to devs who do this Kinect PR: It doesn't make Microsoft look better. It makes you look worse.

Anyway, I just hope thatgamecompany's next game comes to PC now that they're done with their 3-game Sony deal. Love their work.
Urusernamesucks  +   875d ago
Huh? Wtf is up with everyone thinking that everything positive on the xbox is pr talk? You guys need a reality check.
CrossingEden  +   875d ago
note to conspiracy theorists, praising anything related to microsoft isn't PR talk, get a life, and stop trolling everything that has to do with xbox one
GodGinrai  +   876d ago
interesting. I never bought a kinect before, but seeing as it comes with the console Im sure devs will make use of it, as EVERY X1 owner will have one.

Interested to see what happens in the next 2 years with. I know some people will dissagree but im all for devs experimenting with things that compliment our traditional controller as long as it ADDS to the gameplay interms of immersion. between this and smart glass, there will be some interesting possibilities for the more creative devs out there.
mydyingparadiselost  +   876d ago
I'm really split on the Kinect, I think it's a great idea and if it works how it's supposed to (emphasis on IF, I remember all the broken promises of the first kinect) it could revolutionize gameplay. That being said I don't like a camera that can't be unhooked with a microphone that can't really be turned off and I hate the idea of it scanning my room to find advertisement suggestions, checking how many people are around, etc. It's going to come down to how it's used and what gets implemented that will help me decide if it's a game changer or a game breaker.
punisher99  +   876d ago
Personally. As a person thats been gaming for close to 30 years. I dont see why cameras or motion controllers are needed for gaming. I understand if you guys give me a 1000 disagrees, but thats just my opinion.
Megaton  +   876d ago
It has yet to prove any value to me as a gamer. If it's gonna cost me $100+, it had better be a pretty damn compelling alternative to the tried and true controller or KB/M.
punisher99  +   876d ago
Now I understand the need for a camera to do voice and video chatting on your console. But for gaming? I just dont get the appeal for it.
darthv72  +   876d ago
a 30+ year veteran myself
I enjoy the different approach that cameras can add to the gameplay than just traditional controls. I mean you and i we have been playing the same way for so long that its easy to just get stuck in a rut.

Adding more buttons does not alleviate that rut. it only adds more buttons. But when the idea of interactive gaming where you actually moved and the on screen action moved with you was intriguing.

With improved camera tech we are getting closer to the vr of gaming but without the headgear. I wont say it replaces traditional controls but adds to it. I know you have done this so you know what i mean when you play a racing game and tend to ...lean into a turn when you know it doesnt really add anything onscreen. it adds to the feeling of playing.

So when they make it where the camera sees you are leaning into that turn and adds that little bit of interactivity to the actual game you then get a satisfaction of actually "playing" the game instead of just simply controlling it.
bub16  +   876d ago
really, id rather have always online then this spyware camera watching me
CrossingEden  +   875d ago
spyware camera comments are basically spam at this point
bub16  +   870d ago
are you sure. microsoft ensure your privacy when making skype calls, but got found out for spying on people
CrossingEden  +   870d ago
if you have a facebook or a webcam then a video game console is the least of your worries if you care about spying
bub16  +   870d ago
But at least I can control what I put up there, I don't want to be eating dinner looking at that kinect camera thinkin "I wonder if I'm being watched and listened in on"
OrangePowerz  +   876d ago
We still don't know how well kinect 2.0 works. All we know is that MS says it can do amazing things, the same company that said the first kinect could do a lot of things that it couldn't when it came out.
Payjin  +   876d ago
I will buy the XB1 specifically because of Kinect 2. I doubt I will ever play with it, but Kinect 1 is the only reasons my son (6 years old) or my wife (exercise) ever touch my 360. It’s taken a toy that was just mine and turned it into something that the whole family now uses. Hence I get less static playing my hardcore games (PS3 and Xbox) because other people in my house now see the value of the box for themselves. We games need to stop being such incredibly self-interested prigs and realize that it’s actually in our interest (personally very much so) for others to be interested in our hobby. It was much harder for me to justify to my family spending so much time and money gaming when it was just for me. Thank you Kinect!
cheetorb  +   876d ago
Interesting. There were comments that were several hours old and have all been deleted. Must have been all the discussions on surveillance and Big Brother.

Wonder how long this comment will last.

Freedumb of speech. JUST WATCH WHAT YOU SAY.
swerve121  +   875d ago
Its when u make the good comments about M$. They delete em
oscarcat59  +   875d ago
Anyone who fears being watch on Kinect should look at their phone or computer first. Do you fear being watched on that? No problem there are many rocks and caves you can hide in or under. So please go there now and no one will see, hear or care about you again lol

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