The Elder Scrolls Online Dungeons – Playing It So Safe It’s Boring

Blaine Smith of Camelot Post Writes:

A brand new blog post has been released on the official ESO website and in it the developers showcase some of the features ready for the Elder Scrolls Online dungeons. The Elder Scrolls Online Dungeons will play a huge role in the progression and experience of the MMO but if the blog post is anything to go by, there’s not much worth getting excited over. It doesn’t matter what Elder Scrolls game you’re playing, the dungeons have always been among the most exciting and dangerous places in all of Tamriel. In Daggerfall you could die simply taking a quick snooze in the wrong place. Some of the most difficult fights in Morrowind and Oblivion involved a dungeon and they were the best place for good loot in Skyrim. Bethesda have a tall task to rise to the expectations of the player but the recent blog posts gives me the impression they’ve already failed.

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Alexious1988d ago

Unfortunately, this will be a quite similar failure to SWTOR.

Bring on Archeage, Black Desert and Everquest Next. This is the next-generation of MMORPGs.

ScubbaSteve1988d ago

I imagine they had a big meeting where they discussed how to make the gameplay and it went like this.

One person said to make it like WoW
One Person said to make it like Tera
One person said to make it like Rift
And one person said to make it like Everquest

Then one guy said

Why don't we just make it like an elder's scroll game

and he got fired.

elhebbo161988d ago

and how the hell you know that? the game isnt even out yet.

allgamespc20121988d ago

who didnt expect this? ES series has always been so boring and mundane. hopefully next gen will allow for more than 5 npcs per town with something interesting to say and other than just standing there waiting for player to interact with them

ramtah1988d ago

Meh i wont be getting this never liked any of hte oblivion games

LAWSON721987d ago

Its kind of easy to hate something you know nothing about, lol oblivion games.

Steelmanner1987d ago

...ummmm then why are you reading articles about Elder Scrolls Games? I'm sorry if that came out a little rude, but I'm just curious.

Dfooster1988d ago

The whole article is based on interpretation, wording and what somebody didnt say. I wouldn't read too much into any of this.

Rynocirator1988d ago

I can confirm, the whole game is boring and lame. I tried playing it, I put 3 hours in. I would rather play runescape, not kidding.

Mainsqueeze1988d ago

I also played the game...put about 10 hours in and i thought it was fun and pretty polished for a game thats not coming out for nearly another year.

Rynocirator1987d ago

@Mainsqueeze I have played many mmos. Even the free shitty ones. This game feels like one of those pokemon free to plays. Basically that they took an elder scrolls game, stripped down everything everyone liked about it, and allowed people to run around and ruin your immersion. The gameplay is shoddy to boot. They should have just made a co-op elder scrolls. It would have boded better for them. The quality of the game is terrible, lets not mention you have to play the beta in skyrim (because most people are familiar with it) and they basically took the map from skyrim, stripped all the trees and atmosphere and gave you a lifeless wasteland they call skyrim. The maps are boring, the quests are boring, the combat is boring, the game is boring.

Mainsqueeze1987d ago

Quality wise the game still has nearly a year till it hits shelves and is still in closed beta...and you don't hve to play the beta in skyrim...the only part of any of the betas thats been in skyrim is a part of the province that has never been visited in previous ES games, so u are either lying or have no idea what your talking about as far as that goes.

Rynocirator1986d ago

@Mainsqueeze No you sir have no idea what you are talking about. Skyrim is one province in Tamriel. And the beta is ONLY available in skyrim right now. I have played it. Ask anyone else with half a brain and they can back up what I am saying.

Mainsqueeze1985d ago

So wrong...currently there is no beta going on but one starts soon, and the last beta that happened at the beginning of June started you on a small island off the coast of Skyrim that was never explorable before but only for a few levels then you went to Morrowind for the rest of the beta. You should try making stories up to people who actually haven't played the game. You are obviously just a hater and want to make this game look bad no matter what.

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itspeaks1988d ago

Sounds a lot like Starcraft.

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