Suzuka GT5:Prologue vs Real Life

tehvalli writes:

"Side by side videos of (almost) one lap at Suzuka in GT5:Prologue and real life, driven by Schumacher. The Prologue car is the Ferrari F1 2007, while Schumacher is driving (presumably) the F1 2006 or older. Source videos from YT, original GT5 driver unknown. Schumacher is actually the faster driver so I had to speed up/slow down the GT5:P video in order for it to keep up with the real life video while making sure every part of the track is reached at the same time. The time modifications on the video are almost undetectable as they were never beyond +-10%."

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wulan3764d ago

why not when something looks more real than REAL LIFE

I believe GT5P will sell around 5 million copies worldwide at the end of 2008.

This will be the biggest PROLOGUE since it has achieved photorealism

Lord Anubis3764d ago

This is the reason professionals train on the GT series.

MURKERR3763d ago

gran turismo,honestly?

sonarus3763d ago

lol yea. Real race drivers have been training on GT for a while now. They mostly use it to learn track layouts when they can't actually test drive the track themselves

Cwalat3763d ago


hehe yes, wonder what they'll think when they see GT5P for the first time?

"WTF? this looks three times better than reality :O! "

Utalkin2me3763d ago

Well the problem is when the did the real life video they didnt have hdmi set to full thats why real life doesnt look as good. It makes a big difference trust me. The default settings in real life is not how it should be captured.

San anto3763d ago

indeed lewis hamilton, in his rookie year in f1 last year came close to becoming the first rookie and black person to be crowned the winner of f1, unfortunately he didnt manage it but still considering hes never been on the majority of the tracks, and with only a ps2 to learn the track layouts he did pretty daem well.

ravinash3763d ago

I was looking at the picture thinking it looked a bit plain...then I relised I was looking at the real life picture. The GT5P picture looks better than the real thing.

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pwnmaster30003764d ago

it really did take me until it was half way done with the video until i realise the steering wheel in gt5:p, because in a video of gt5:p i saw the same steering wheel if i didnt watch that video it will take atleast 2 tries to figure it out

The Wood3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

thats dedication

bumnut3763d ago

that is what a talented development team can do if they take their time

Truckasaurus3763d ago

GT Prologue on the PS3 is running at 1280x1080 which is 1,382,400 pixels.

Forza 2 on the Xbox 360 is only running at 1280x720p which is 921,600 pixels.

That is a 50 percent higher resolution for the PS3 with graphics that are jaw dropping.

I can't think of any previous console generation where there was such a gigantic power difference like the PS3 has.

Ridrick3763d ago

Actually it is 1920x1080, 2073600 pixels.

Truckasaurus3763d ago

GT5 Prologue is:

720p(1280x720) 4xMSAA or 1080p(1280by1080) 2XMSAA

and the showroom is full 1080p(1920x1080) with no AA

kidrobot3763d ago

So Beautiful I Got Confused 'Til I Saw The Map, Time And All The Other Stuff On The Left One. This Game's SICK!!! MGS:4 FTW!!! XD (Always Wanted To Say That)

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sonarus3764d ago

lol GT5 has stood the tallest amongst game vs real life comparison. I don't think any other title has come close. Games like PGR4 look good but they still don't look REAL enough

ravinash3763d ago

Thats the reason they haven't put in damage yet....if it doesn't look real, its not going in.
These guy make sure its right on 100% before it ends up on your playstation.