Gamers, You Rely On YouTube

Kotaku: "Google has released a report on how gamers use YouTube, and it's pretty interesting.

Looking at the viewing statistics behind every single video game-related clip on the service, they've found that, well, pretty much all of you use it. All the time. For all kinds of stuff."

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darthv721987d ago

I go on youtube almost daily to look up vids of games that interest me. Im a big fan of gamesack and classic game room hd and luke morse.

Heisenburger1987d ago

I love classic game room.

punisher991987d ago

Check out raychul moore on youtube. :)

darthv721987d ago

thanks for the name. her channel has some interesting content on it.

fattyuk1987d ago

Yup YouTube is pretty big for me for gaming related videos, always got it to hand when I'm stuck on a game and need a walkthrough to help me

Hicken1987d ago

I don't use it for anything gaming-related, to be honest. I watched the two episodes of Sequelitis... and that's it. And that wasn't even about recent games, in the slightest.

Now, I DO use it to watch funny stuff all the time.