'Lords of the Fallen' measures up to 'Dark Souls' greatly - Examiner

Lords of the Fallen is a new series in the works from City Interactive and Deck 13, but what fans may see as similarities between the popular franchise Dark Souls and the new series Lords of the Fallen, Deck 13's developers have been sure to differentiate the two nicely.

Combat definitely seems to be more focused on strategy and learning what your enemies attack tendencies are, before you actually try to defeat them. From what we saw, the enemies seem to be just a difficult, if not a little bit more tough to defeat than those in Dark Souls.

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richierich1968d ago

Is there anywhere on the internet with gameplay footage of this game? so far I have only seen interviews but no gameplay

RuleNumber51968d ago

I'm fairly certain there isn't any really good public gameplay of this one yet. What I saw though is impressive and I think it gives Dark Souls a run for its money. I'm sure we'll see gameplay from Lords of the Fallen later this year though.

levian1968d ago

I'm probably reading that a bit out of context, but personally I don't think - for me - any game will give Demon's/Dark souls a run for its money.

I just want more similar games. If there's a great game similar to Dark Souls, great! I'll buy it and Dark Souls both.

MysticStrummer1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

I'd seen the title "Lords of the Fallen" before, but had no idea what sort of game it was.

The headline of this article made me instantly interested.

Measuring up to Demon's/Dark Souls is a tall order, but I'll keep an open mind.

supraking9511968d ago

good, Dark Souls needs competition. There getting lazy. Dark Souls 2 will be fun but nothing big has changed from what I've seen. The fact that Lords of the Fallen is on PS4 and Xbone is a HUGE plus.

levian1968d ago

I'm really looking forward to seeing more, I've been keeping my eye on this for a while.

It says there are only three class choices - personally I find games with just three choices to be a bit bland and generic, but who know. If they're hoping to compete with Dark Souls, maybe they'll do it right and keep it interesting!

Tdmd1968d ago

We need more games like this. Third person action rpgs, dark-themed, with great atmosphere and brutal strategic (unforgiving) combat! Really looking foward to see what this brings to the table!