Which Next-Gen Console Will “Real World” Consumers Choose?

Dalton Miller from Fate of the Game says: The internet can often be an extremely valid source for how the general public feels about certain issues, but in more adverse times one’s perspective can be skewed by a very vocal minority. So I decided to do a bit of investigative journalism and cruise over to my local game store and ask consumers and store employees alike about their feelings on the impending console releases.

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MariaHelFutura1989d ago

Playstation 4. Why? Because gamers/early adopters are mainly planning on getting Ps4, because it's cheaper and better in basically every way imaginable.

dedicatedtogamers1989d ago

"Real world" consumers will see $400 versus $500 and make a decision.

darthv721989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

while gamers = real world consumers.

Real world consumers =/= gamers.

If we continue to see the PS4 displayed among the gaming sections of stores, that is a small part of most stores that would tend to have a larger overall "electronics" section.

So if Ms markets their product in not only the video game isle but also among media center PC's and other home electronics then its probable they would get a better response from the real world consumer.

Sony has the capability to have their PS4 displayed in the same sections but most real world consumers are associators by habit. They associate the brand "playstation" with gaming more than anything else and may not be as inclined to buy it for anything other than gaming.

Just like nintendo and the wii-u is not bought because it can do stuff on the web. People buy the wii-u for the games (or they will once they show up). People will buy the PS4 because of the games. People may buy the xb1 not so much because of the games but how Ms markets it to be the everything else add-on to your existing tv service provider.

i guess it comes down to how much people enjoy their tv and whether or not they play games.

NewMonday1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

costumer: I want a new console
clerk: we have the PS4 and the Xbox1

costumer: which one is stronger?
clerk: the PS4

costumer: and how cheaper is the weaker one?
clirk: It's actually $100 more

costumer: why would anyone pay more for less?
clerk: out of love

2cents1989d ago

Real world consumers will see:

Games console / Bluray player / Facebook / Controller with a fancy led light on it that does sweet FA without the camera (Sold separately) for $400

Games Console / Bluray player / Skype / TV (with exclusive gamer content and shows) / Twitch.TV / Kinect 2.0 full voice, gesture and controller control throughout the experience / multi tasking / Smartglass with any existing tablet or smart phone via the FREE software / Facebook / (dare I say it...) Cloud... Ha, I said it! / for $500

hmm said the real world consumer. Ill take the Xbox please.
Somewhere in the world a sonyfanboy cries silently into his sleeve

McScroggz1989d ago


So the "real world" consumer sees and SmartGlass?

Your two cents doesn't seem to be worth much on this topic.

S2Killinit1989d ago

did you ever study for the LSAT?
and yes I agree with you but also keep in mind that since gamers have picked PS4 and since said gamers are the early adopters of consoles, it is probable that the "real world consumer" who tends to be a follower, will pick up a PS4 as well.

2cents1989d ago

Ooooo sorry..

Did I hit a nerve MrScroggz.

I didnt mean to upset you.

tell you what, just give me a refund.

Septic1989d ago

Yup agreed. The price is the MAIN thing they will look at.

NewMonday1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )


to Real world consumers this translates to:

Games console / Bluray player / Facebook /#@[email protected]$/%@$#/@#$%#/^$%#/for $400

Games Console / Bluray player / Facebook /#@[email protected]$/%@$#/@#$%#/^$%#/for $500

"Ill take the PS4 please" said the real world consumer.
somewhere in the world a ........ :P

mewhy321989d ago

The price will certainly play a major role in selection, just as it did when ps3 was released.Micro$oft has really screw up this time.

HammadTheBeast1989d ago


Look anywhere, take those blinders off, look at all the polls.


Ezz20131989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

it really simple
you go to games store
find both consoles and look for the price
find out that Ps4 is cheaper by 100$
ask which one is better and more powerful

you get the only right answer : PS4

you will be standing in shock that the most powerful/better system is also cheaper by 100$
and ask why MS want me to buy a weak console and want more money

the guy working at the store :
"because ...ahh...hmmm...shut your mouth that's why"

really simple as i say

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Muffins12231989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I see ps4 being better in gaming and graphics...with the xbox one i see it having a better interface and more intergrated for the family.Might get some dislikes for saying something good for the xbox lol...

loulou1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

how many of these have we had??

i will buy both. "real world" consumer here with a reasonably well paid job that can afford these things.

lol n4g should have a betting system in place, where you can bet which people will have already commented in the thread..

i could win a fortune.

ShwankyShpanky1989d ago

"Real world" (aka "average") consumers don't buy more than one brand of console.

HALOisKING1989d ago

u dont speak for every one

HammadTheBeast1989d ago

But the fact that even EDGE and Jimmy Fallon have shown preference for PS4 is telling.

MRMagoo1231989d ago


the world so far has shown preference for the ps4 , even the US. MS dont stand a chance no matter how hard ppl like greenpowerz , jokesonyou and this halo guy tyr to hold on to the old xbox days lol. I think a lot of them didnt start gaming till the first xbox came out so they have some kind of nostalgia for the company.

KILLERAPP1989d ago

But lots of us see a history in MS that goes back to 2010.

1. Kinect focus, continues with XB1
2. Suita driving Xbox division, not gamers or devs.
3. Their attempt at DRM
4. The price along with the specs shows their focus is on TV and Kinect.
5. Spielberg, Water cooler, TV TV TV press conference
6. Their lack of transparency with specs and abuse of buzzwords like the "Cloud".
7. All their public faces are souless asshats, none have any credibility with gamers.

Contrast the XB1 build up, announcement and spin with the PS4; Cerny talks, GG presentations, dev designed and friendly system, released specs, no forced camera, no TV shit, etc.

Mainsqueeze1989d ago

God you are so right about their public faces. Holy crap do I just want to punch those shysters in the face every time I see them on stage. First order of business MS needs to do is get new PR dudes.

quenomamen1989d ago

It all comes down to most power for lowest price

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FSThree1989d ago

I like the "man on the street" style of this piece.

As far as next gen, I'm disappointed that both the media consumers are considering WiiU as current gen. Graphics wise, yes, nothing new. However, dual screen is bigger than everyone thinks. This opens up to new gameplay innovations and is incorporated. You need a phone or tablet for Xbox's Smart Glass (which is also awesome) and for Playstation is non-existent.

Better graphics? PC is light years beyond any console. Graphics shouldn't even be considered IMHO.

Now, pulling back from my small rant. In the end, I will be getting XBO and PS4 when the price drops. I already have a WiiU and PC. I'm good for now.

If I had to put in my two cents, XBO is the better entertainment system with more apps. They should have stuck to their Always Online, Licencing guns. Now it has meager differentiation and a higher price point. PS4 wins based on their ability to not flub. Not a high bar to cross, however.

Oh_Yeah1989d ago

PS4 has vita...which is better than using a phone because of its physical button and has a higher resolution screen than the Wii u pad and can also stream any game, PLUS it has a whole damn library of its own.

FSThree1989d ago

@Oh_Yeah, thanks. I neglected the Vita. Has not the Vita been spotty in terms of dual screen functionality, however? Not too many games have leveraged the hardware in this regard, or so I've heard.

Thing is, I wouldn't buy a Vita just for the dual screen. As a hand held, 3DS wins out as well with better titles and wider user base. And the phone's (i.e. iPhone, Android, etc.) ability to do more than just games and movies out position the Vita on that front.

O.K. So they all technically have dual screen. However, Nintendo's is the only one that is integrated. From experience, Smart Glass has spotty connectivity, and Vita, if what I hear is true, is just not supported as it should be.

I'm not saying that Nintendo wins, I'm just saying that it should be considered next-gen based on it's dual screen integration. Backwards compatibility is up in the air as well. But if we are to believe the rumors, Nintendo gets a green checkmark there where the others don't. Now all they need is the software to back it up (LOL).

Gamerchik871989d ago

Really?? Ps vita is better than a phone or tablet?? I dont think so lol the average consumer doesn't give a shit about a ps vita. Everybody and I mean everybody has a smartphone or tablet plus their are apps now that allow a contoller to work. This is just one more thing x1 does more then ps4.

ShaunCameron1989d ago

Who cares? The 3DS got better games.

KILLERAPP1989d ago

Precisely, because it looks like exclusives will be far and few between next-gen, they become a much less smaller argument for each one of the consoles. That's when you start looking at other factors, such as price/size/indie friendliness/subscription benefits/power.

Looking at those factors alone, it's kinda not even debatable that the PS4 comes ahead of the Xbone.
$399 vs $499
PS4 is smaller than the Xbone
Sony has a stronger support for Indie developers than MS by allowing self-publishing and highlighting indie developers that need highlighting (e.g. not Notch and Minecraft)
PS+ have tangible gamer benefits, by coming with 1 new game every month, which Xbox Live Gold does not.
PS4 has faster RAM, a more powerful GPU, and more available RAM for games according to fact and very strong speculation.

DivineAssault 1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

PS4 all the way.. Only biased fans would chose otherwise cuz there isnt a single thing xbox one has thats better

AngelicIceDiamond1989d ago

So its Bias if someone says X1?

That makes no sense.

DARK WITNESS1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I was an xbox fan and right now I struggle to find any logical reason to want an xb1 when I look at what the ps4 offers.

The only two reasons I can think of are xb1 exclusives and the controller depending on which you prefer.

other then that there is nothing

when I look at what the ps4 is offering I simply cannot say no to it.

AngelicIceDiamond1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Anyway, I'm sorta leaning towards the X1 simply because of the game launch Windows. Deadrising 3, KI, Project spark, Quantum Break, Ryse has been a long time coming. I can easily see myself spending loads of time on Titanfall with friends.

Plus MS will show more at Gamescon and hopefully TGS.

Sony is showing tons of games at those events as well. I want both at launch but being a college kid sucks.

@Divine you basically just told me the features of PS4. Those are great features, but subjective if they're better or not. You have to say "imo." Now imo like I said before those are great features. But also imo the line up for X1 is more appealing at the moment. Now the year is far from done and MS and Sony still have more games to show. But at the moment the X1 sounds like a first buy.

Right now.

DivineAssault 1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Well if u read my comment again, you will see clearly that i typed " there isnt a single thing xbox one has thats better"..

PS4 has a better controller (a consoles best friend) that has more features like 6 axis, gyroscope, LED light bar indicator, touch pad thats a button too, a speaker, & its got a built in lithium battery so u dont have to buy AAz or a play n charge kit..

PS4 is a more powerful system & has a lower price tag.. Thats very important to some people.. Sony has more 1st party studios that are always creating new IPs & have sequels to the already existing... PS plus is a much better value than xblg, cheaper too.. PS4 has bluetooth so u can use headphones that you already purchased (love my sony pulse) but still comes with some just in case.. PS4 has 500GB HDD thats upgradable so u dont have to buy an overpriced proprietary HDD when storage becomes limited.. If you want to play motion games, you can buy the camera, its not forced into the package & u can still use ps move controllers.. PS4 has gaikai (will become available in 2014) for backward compatibility, instant game demos, videos, etc w/o the need to download.. There is also a MASSIVE library of classic games on PSN.. Its no contest my friend.. PS4 is a better machine & its a better value in every single way.. Oh & if u have vita, even more features are available.. Dual screen gaming from either the ps app or with vita as well as other social features..

2cents1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

The camera is 'better'
Xbox live is 'better'
the controller is 'better'
the media integration is 'better'
matchmaking is 'better'
communicating with your friends is 'better'
achievements are 'better'
the dashboard is 'better'
the games are 'better'
the community is 'better'

and most importantly... the fans are 'better' because I wont have YOU on my friends list :)

everything i just posted was to highlight the idiocy of your post.

YOU can choose the PS4, and YOU can believe its 'better'. Just be happy with that. Dont try to impose your beliefs on others, let everyone make up their own minds.
Sure system specs can be compared and measuring tapes can be taken out, and Sony has many things going for it, no doubt. But dont dismiss the Xbox just yet my friend. You might be eating some humble pie this coming november.

@below... Yes indeed, it is! I think that was the whole point of my post, was it not?

ShwankyShpanky1989d ago

"The camera is 'better'"
-We know next to nothing about the new PS4 camera

"Xbox live is 'better'"
-We know next to nothing about the revamped PSN

"the controller is 'better'"
-Purely subjective at present / 99.999% of gamers haven't touched either new controller / the 0.001% that have seem pretty impressed with the DS4

"the media integration is 'better'"
-That appears to be the case, but we haven't seen much about the PS4's media integration capabilities. And as long as the PS4 can do Netflix, Hulu, and stream from my PC, that's about all the "integration" I need

"matchmaking is 'better'"
-Based on...? Vague cloud PR? And again, we know nothing about matchmaking on the revamped PSN

"communicating with your friends is 'better'"
-Based on...? PS4 has video chat, cross game chat, etc etc

"achievements are 'better'"
-Based on...? Because the PS4 doesn't give you a trophy for preordering? Some prefer the "leveling" aspect of trophies over the raw number of a gamerscore

"the dashboard is 'better'"
-Flashier? Perhaps. More ads? Yes. But again... the PS4 will have a totally revamped "dashboard," and it looks pretty similar to the Xbone's

"the games are 'better'"
-Based on...? How many Xbone and PS4 games have you played? How many GoTYs were 360 exclusives vs PS3 exclusives?

"the community is 'better'"
-That's just adorable. Especially considering all times I've seen 360 fans say "I've been with Xbox for X years... MS, please remove DRM / required online / Kinnect / etc... I want the new Xbox but I can't support these policies," and other members of this "better" community just tell them to F off and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Funnymonkey0131989d ago

To tell u the truth yes the online was better on 360 and that's it but everything else ps3 is better fact. Now with ps4 and x1 they going to be pretty much same except ps4 is going to have better games as it has way better 1st party games then x1 2nd it has better specs now I know it might not matter right now but in 2 years I believe people will start seeing how ps4 is going be the better looking and more 1080p 60fps games between the to. Here is what I thing both r made 4 ps4 in mind is gaming first then everything else is 2nd where x1 is more of everything all in one entertainment and games 2nd.

McScroggz1989d ago

Ok, achievements are not better. What sounds more gratifying, "I got 1000 points" or "I got the platinum trophy?"

Just saying.

2cents1989d ago


you wasted all that time writing your rebuttal without even understanding my post. I was being sarcastic, giving a stupid answer to a stupid post. I am getting both the PS4 and One, im just bored at work and felt like hanging with the fanboys, always makes the day go by faster.

Now, to get into your post. Please tell me why almost all of your points relate to 'we know next to nothing about (Insert PS4 feature here)', so with that in mind, tell me... Why aren't you banging down Sony's door and demanding an answer? Just as you have been doing with MS?

your telling me that that is ok? That sony will give out their information when they are good and ready? Hmmm... now why dont MS get the same leniency? I wonder...

ShwankyShpanky1989d ago

"Please tell me why almost all of your points relate to 'we know next to nothing about (Insert PS4 feature here)'"

Because people are saying "Xbox is better" without having anything to compare it to on the PS4's side.

BTW, I'm curious as to how maybe four out of ten equates to "almost all" of my points.

"Why aren't you banging down Sony's door and demanding an answer? Just as you have been doing with MS?"

Because Sony isn't making claims or instituting policies that inherently lead to further inquiry, and then not providing further information; their statements are relatively straight forward. MS is the one that's trying to go for these drastic policy shifts that subsequently require clarification. I pretty much know the answers to the questions that are pertinent to me in regards to Sony, and the unknowns are generally "bonus questions." For example, in regards to the PSN, I'm already okay with the current service with PS+. It could use some polish, but I don't need a ton of features so long as I can get into games online and download stuff from the store. I know they're going to require PS+ for online play on the PS4. Beyond that the rest is a bonus for me.

As for the camera, again... MS's statements beg further inquiry.
MS: "You must keep Kinect hooked up." Consumer:"Why?" MS:"No comment."
Sony: "The camera is optional." Consumer: "Oh. Okay."

The answers I'm looking for from MS are fundamental to the console itself. They are not really about "bonus features." If I'm satisfied with the fundamentals of the system, then extras are just a curiosity. Problem is that MS has had so many questionable issues with its base system that require clarification.

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FSThree1989d ago

The new Kinect will be powerful and has potential to be key in terms of the variety of games you can play, integrated voice, etc. And, as an entertainment (not games) console, XBO does win out. However, all these don't justify a higher price point, IMO. And there is little to differentiate. Again, PS4 wins because they're doing things right on all fronts - partners, games, and services.

Lannister1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

The cheaper one that doesn't come with a surveillance cam in the wake of the PRISM scandal.

hellzsupernova1989d ago

Isn't their a camera on the wiiu controller?

Lannister1989d ago

Don't you read ?

It clearly states NEXT-GEN

FSThree1989d ago

@hellzupernova there is indeed a camera on the WiiU controller. Facetime is fully integrated, no Skype API.

@Lannister 1. LOLz. 2. When you say "next-gen" do you mean graphics, or gameplay? If it's graphics, I have stated above that the WiiU does miss out. However, when it comes to gameplay, Nintendo can do more with the second screen to make up for it. ZombiiU is a good example. 3. LOLz.

kenmid1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

There are cameras on your smartphone, tablet, pc Which can also be easily hack. the surveillance excuse is getting very tiresome.

ShwankyShpanky1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

1) phone: is in my pocket, against my head (camera out), or face up (camera down) on a surface. Nor does it come with integrated facial/emotional/line-of-sight /physiological recognition capabilities. Also, my phone EULA doesn't specifically say that they can and will access the camera at their whim, like the current 360/Kinect EULA does

2) tablet: don't have one

3) PC: does not have a camera

Those devices are also not the same closed system as the Xbone, nor are PCs/tablets on the same closed network, and they offer much more user control of the hardware. Also, one can break or remove the camera from any of those devices and they will still perform all of their non-camera-related functions.

As to whether they can be hacked, a thousand different models of phones/tablets/PCs/OS configs/firewalls/etc is a lot more labor intensive to hack than a one-stop-surveillance-shop through MS.

The "everything spies on you so why not your video games" excuse is getting very tiresome.

S2Killinit1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

there is a huge difference. I swear I've written this out so many times I can't do it again. So please, if privacy is important to you, go read up on the difference between the kinect and a smart phone. (Also MS's PRISM situation and spy capabilities in Skype etc..)

S2Killinit1989d ago

LOL so true. (unfortunately I'm not kidding either, that whole PRISM thing and Microsoft's involvement makes you wonder where we are headed)

Salooh1989d ago

I don't know why people ignore this. I guess it's true that ps fans are the one that started the campaign. Xbox fanboys can't start another one for kinect which is just lame..

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MasterCornholio1989d ago

Your average consumer that's just looking for a traditional next gen console will probably go with the PS4 due to its much lower price tag than the Xbox One.

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