The Division E3: Massive on making a “real, true, RPG experience”

The Division was one of the surprises of E3 this year, and VG247′s Sam Clay was able to sit down with Massive Entertainment’s creative director Nicklas Cederström and production director Petter Mannerfelt to discuss the online, open-world RPG’s key game pillars.

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Ivalice1991d ago

Can't wait for this game!

Aery1991d ago

I'm ready to play this game, I want it!
Stop to teasing so much :D

Seriously, it's an awesome game, I can't wait to play it on PS4 !

EvilJeffBridges1991d ago

This game may delay me from taking over the world.

glenn19791991d ago

even hideo kojima was impress wit these game, that say allot

glenn19791991d ago

good lord this game division, watchdog,titanfall,killzone,de stiny,battlefield4,the witcher,ryse,forza 5 those are my game

Drakesfortune1991d ago

I've never been so excited for a launch of a new console!

1991d ago
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