Target says GTAIV is available, if only it were true

Xbox360fanboy writes:

Browsing the electronics section at our local Target we came across a few copies of Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 just chilling behind a glass barrier waiting to be purchased. Not all that newsworthy until we mention that we glanced up and noticed a GTAIV ad making a very bold claim.

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TrevorPhillips3548d ago

i think its just another april fool's joke

TrevorPhillips3548d ago

man if this was true i would get my keys get in the car and drive off to pick it up first thing ill do it missions :D

TurdStationPee3548d ago

Don't forget your amazing PS3-exclusive DLC hat and shoes.

buddyro3548d ago

maybe the marketing department wants to see if they could create a stampede thats all.

Obama3548d ago

Avaliable preorder. Typical gamestop.

jaja14343548d ago

Fair enough, but this article was about Target...

Gazman3548d ago

wow bad April fools joke

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