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Submitted by DPAD Dave 950d ago | news

R* Asked & Answered: GTAV

R* writes:

Here’s a special edition of Asked & Answered addressing just a few of the frequently asked questions we’ve seen out there from fans recently. Of course we’re aware that there are many more questions and curiosities out there about GTAV, so do stay tuned for more to be revealed about the game in due time. Meanwhile, you can always feel free to drop us a line via [email protected] where we’re glad to have a look at what you have to say and help out wherever we can. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

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allformats  +   950d ago
PS3 version for me. It's that simple.
TheGrimReaper  +   950d ago
I'm still unsure :/
Shall I buy it for PS3 or wait for the PS4 version with additional DLC on disc...

"We don’t have anything to share about the possibility of a next-gen or a PC platform release at this time"
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NihonjinChick  +   949d ago
Have fun waiting for that PS4 version.
TheGrimReaper  +   949d ago

(Assuming you've made a serious comment)
A PC version of GTA V is going to be inevitable imho. A port to X1 & PS4 shouldn't be a big problem.
I just don't want to buy a game twice and an open world game like GTA V would scale beautifully on hardware with better components (especially RAM, 512 MB compared to 5-7 GB).

I get what you mean! While everyone is enjoying GTA people like me would have to play the waiting game even though it is unsure if it will ever see the light of day.

Could people elaborate why they are disagreeing with me?
If you press "Agree" on my statement you are in the same spot as I am.
If you press "Disagree":
A) I won't wait!
B) I am not unsure, I will wait!
C) There will never be a nextgen console version of GTA V.

Which is it? :D
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TXIDarkAvenger  +   949d ago
The obvious choice is getting GTA V on the platform your friends game on. Most of my friends are on 360, so I will buy Live and GTA V for 360. Yeah it may cost more, but in the long run its worth it. I still play GTA IV with friends and there isn't exactly a whole lot of shit to do.
lukeb4dunk  +   949d ago
The way I read it, and admittedly trying to read between the lines here, but I think they're waiting for PS4/X1 to announce their release dates before they announce anything.

"We don’t have anything to share about the possibility of a next-gen or a PC platform release AT THIS TIME and we are completely focused on delivering the best possible experience for the consoles people have right now."

EDIT to add quote
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Electroshocked  +   949d ago
@TheGrimReaper: I'm pretty sure that we're going to have to wait a while for a next-gen release of GTA V, and then there's the chance that GTA V won't even receive a next-gen release. Waiting for a ''possibility'' ; is a no go for me, and I'm sure it's the same for many others.

On topic: I get the feeling that R* are putting a huge emphasis towards the multiplayer portion of GTA V or ''Grand Theft Auto Online'', really looking forward to it. Can't wait for September 17th!
brettyd  +   949d ago
Me too, I have a 360 but playing GTA on anything but a Playstation console seems wrong.
omi25p  +   949d ago
360 for me. Online party chat is A MUST.
xPhearR3dx  +   949d ago
If you own both consoles, this is the best choice assuming you have gold. Both versions require a mandatory install, with no disc swapping. Yet on 360, there's party chat. However, I don't own a 360 anymore, so PS3 for me it is :)
Emilio_Estevez  +   950d ago
Car customizing is back, best GTA news I've heard in a while!
US8F  +   950d ago
He did mention that it would be fully customizable, I wonder how much. Darn, sometimes I hate Roockstar's "very soon" promises. It can take weeks and I want to know NOW.
Emilio_Estevez  +   950d ago
They are masters of withholding information, makes people want to know that much more.
ape007  +   950d ago
amazing indeed, especially if u look @ how great/detailed the car physics was in gta 4
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matrixman92  +   950d ago
glad they went with the installation route for 360, just like Halo 4
plaZeHD  +   950d ago
And Batman: Arkham City.
Septic  +   950d ago
Yeah so much for the 10 disc-swapping theories lol.

It's a mandatory install on both consoles so that should settle that matter.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   949d ago
Yeah, those are stupid theories. Only an idiot would believe that especially after the release of Halo 4.
GameCents  +   949d ago
Yup. I was contemplating getting it on ps3 because I didn't want to have to disc swap but now I don't have to and I'm happy I'll be able to use my 360 controller to play this game.
How I detest that DS3 and it's dainty triggers!!
ape007  +   949d ago
agree 100%
Y_5150  +   949d ago
Although I love the DS controller, I agree that the triggers could have been better.
Prcko  +   950d ago
next gen version plz rockstar,or pc with sweetfx
ape007  +   950d ago
agreed im a gta hardcore fan and i want a nextgen version, don't get me wrong gta V will better than all nextgen games combined(to me) but i want it to look and run as good as possible
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Wizziokid  +   950d ago
Grand Theft Auto Online needs to be like RDR multiplayer, that was awesome!
warewolfSS  +   950d ago
I probably played that multilayer more than I played most.
plaZeHD  +   950d ago
Ok now I am excited. But I want to know which platform will perform better. Playstation 3 or Xbox 360? So far it has been Xbox 360 that performed better on most multiplats, but recently Playstation 3 is outperforming Xbox 360 with multiplats. So I don't know. I guess I have to wait for a comparison.
Septic  +   950d ago
Well they say the difference will be negligble so hopefully that's true and shouldn't affect you too much.
plaZeHD  +   950d ago
I hope that's true. Developers are giving me a hard on choosing platform.
shivvy24  +   950d ago
Swiggins  +   949d ago
For me it all boils down to what my immediate friends are buying it on....a lot of them are buying on 360, so I'll probably end up getting it on 360 as well.
No_Limit  +   949d ago
Rockstar games like GTAV, RDR, and Max Payne 3 are uses the RAGE engine and it has always performed better on Xbox 360. Things like 720p and better framerate on GTA4 and grass texture on RDR are all on Xbox 360 that are missing from the PS3 versions. Both version will have a mandatory 8gb install and no disc swapping. Xbox 360 version for me. A no brainer really.
SpideySpeakz  +   949d ago
I'm be getting the PS3 version. There will be exclusive content only on PS3.
NYC_Gamer  +   950d ago
I hope GTA online is some type living world experience
DxTrixterz  +   950d ago
Seriously only 2 discs on box 360? Wow and I thought it's gonna be like on 4 considering how huge GTA5 will be. Well done Rockstar and hell yes to game installation and no disc swapping. Why can't all multi-disc games have this. September can't come fast enough can it? Come on September. I wanna play GTA5 soo bad. This is probably last big game for 7th generation consoles only and what a way to end it. With big bang that is GTA5 :).
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ape007  +   950d ago
this confirms the myth of blu ray importance this gen
badz149  +   949d ago
what myth?
the game will still be coming on 2 DVDs on 360 while on 1 BD on PS3. still means BD >>> DVD no matter how you see it!
ape007  +   949d ago
BD>>>>>DVD yes, this is a fact

but blu ray is "very important" in 360\ps3 gen statement = myth

simple man
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blackstrr411  +   949d ago
I have something I wanna run by u all. A blu ray is more expensive than a HDDVD right? So won't the ps3 be losing a lot when you get a similar game on a cheaper disc at $60? Just like having two phones when alone phone A would cost $180 and phone B $100 but because of a common ground they are both selling at $120. Do u get what I'm sayin
Dmagic  +   949d ago
yeah ok mgs4 tells me your full of it
plaZeHD  +   950d ago
It all about optimization. But hopefully it won't be buggy.
TheFallenAngel  +   950d ago
Can't wait for this game.
GameCents  +   949d ago
Just took away roach ammo by having it come on 2 discs and zero disc swapping during gameplay.
I still don't understand why it took this long to come up with this method. I don't like replaying ME2 and 3 for this reason.
YodaCracker  +   949d ago
I thought it was against Microsoft's policies to require an install considering not all Xbox 360 consoles shipped with an HDD. GTA V will be the first game I'm aware of that will require an install to play on the 360. There have been optional installs in the past like installing additional cars for Forza 4 or multiplayer for Halo 4, but none were mandatory for playing the base game. Rockstar must have worked out a special deal with Microsoft.
blackstrr411  +   949d ago
Halo 4
YodaCracker  +   949d ago
Did I read that right? They're going to release an actual gameplay video of a GTA title? This is not the Rockstar I know!
Felonycarclub8  +   949d ago
I wonder if its going to be shown at gamescom? But they did say soon so who knows, I can't wait for GTAV ill be buying it for ps3 and if it does come to next ill still buy it on ps4
sackboyhappy  +   949d ago
“You've probably been asked before, but is GTA V coming for next gen consoles also?”

they avoided the question but my guess is that the PC/ next gen version will come out early next year :D
paranoid1971  +   949d ago
So, anyone who bought a 4gb Xbox 360 will not be able to play this?
DxTrixterz  +   949d ago
Seems so.
creatchee  +   949d ago

From the article:

"This initial install will require an Xbox 360 Hard Drive or an external 16GB USB flash drive with at least 8 GB of free space. If using a USB flash drive it must be at least USB 2.0 with a minimum 15mb/s read speed and formatted for Xbox 360 use."

So you need a thumb drive, but at least you can still play it.
SpideySpeakz  +   949d ago
That's pathetic.
H4zZz4  +   949d ago's great that they are able to fit it onto 2 discs. The three discs in la noire were a pain to keep swapping over.
Nafon  +   949d ago
Anyone else think the guy in the picture looks like nice guy eddie from reservoir dogs? If anyone has even seen that movie lol.
lukeb4dunk  +   949d ago
Yeah, a little bit.
itspeaks  +   949d ago
R* is the company that stands in secrecy. Ask and you shall not receive, but for good reason. I find that my anticipation for the GTA series grows as the important details are left unknown at release time.
Starbucks_Fan  +   949d ago
Does anyone know when the Games On Demand version of this game will release for 360?
claud3  +   949d ago
One disc to install and one disc to play... Winner

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