Game Informer: Capcom Delivers Another Cold Front--Lost Planet: Colonies Preview

Game Informer: "In the past few years, Capcom has really done a good job of expanding its games portfolio from mainly just Resident Evil and Mega Man rehashes to awesome games like Dead Rising, Okami and of course Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. The snowy adventures of Wayne and friends gave us a fresh idea for the shooter genre-Antarctica mixed with a Japanese monster movie. Now Capcom is giving the icy shooter $30 Platinum Hits status in the form of Lost Planet: Colonies Edition-but this is no simple repackaging. Players will not only be getting the entire game, but a host of new features and content for both single and multiplayer modes.

Enjoying solid reviews all around, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition originally was released on Xbox 360 then made its way to the PC and then finally got a version on PlayStation 3. Although PlayStation 3 won't be seeing this new release of the game, Xbox 360 and Windows PC owners will not only be getting all of the new content but the ability to finally go head to head in multiplayer cross-platform play. One warning to fans is that the new Colonies Edition is not backwards compatible with saves from previous Lost Planet games."

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solidt123671d ago

Well heres one more game that the 360 has that the PS3 won't see this year at least. Im not of fan of Lost Planet Multi-player but I liked the single player.

BeaArthur3671d ago

That's interesting I hated the campaign but liked the multiplayer a lot.

IdleLeeSiuLung3671d ago

I loved the single player, but never tried multiplayer. Although in single player it had it's moment of sheer frustration on hard. Capcom really dropped the ball on PS3 users though. Seeing how they just got the "special" version and then 360 get's another improved version for less money just a mere 3-4 months later. That is a slap in the face to PS3 gamers.

This is not the way to win over PS3 gamers, Capcom!

bumnut3671d ago

i hated lost planet, it was a very average shooter