Interview with Fuji-san of MoeNovel on the controversial If My Heart Had Wings

In-depth interview with the developers behind If My Heart Had Wings - the Visual Novel that's ruffling a few feathers among fans. Rice Digital investigates

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Patashnik1967d ago

Beat me to it - it's a nice interview.
Really don't understand all the controversy around this. I think it's important that Visual Novels are more widely accepted in the West, so I admire them for making the necessary changes to how they're presented...

DaveyB1967d ago

Yeah, it's crazy.
Also so many people raging that haven't actually played it - it's such a great story, and the artwork is never short of stunning.

I'd loev to see more HD VN's of this quality come out - but until the community gets a grip, there will always be this stigma attaached, and that's really, really sad.

Apoca1ypse1967d ago

This needs to come out on iOS or the ps vita then it would be a for sure by but for the pc..... I would and I have but I tend to avoid doing so.