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Push Square: "With the vastly improved controls and portable-friendly nature of the game, one could argue that the Vita version of Hotline Miami is the definitive offering. Everything that made the PC original so compelling is present and correct, and the fact that you can now take the game with you when you leave the house is a real blessing. Hotline Miami’s intense challenge, deep narrative, and penchant for extreme violence mix together to create an intoxicating cocktail which once again brings up that age-old argument of whether or not games should truly be considered art. We’ll leave you to wrestle with that particular quandary, but Hotline Miami is arguably as subversive and shocking as anything the mediums of film, music, or literature can produce — and it’s bloody good fun at the same time, too."

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teedogg801989d ago

I have got to check this out soon.

soundslike1989d ago

Yea. Its one of the best indie games around.

brettyd1989d ago

The game is very fun and addicting, also very frustrating. I've wanted to toss my Vita against the wall a few times.

r211989d ago

It really is hard, should really be called One Hit Kill the game XD

Thankfully, touch screen lock on has made the game a bit more bearable. Especially in The Showdown battle.

brettyd1989d ago

Yea it's probly a bit easier on PC, the Vita sticks don't really allow for pin point accuracy.

r211989d ago

Probably is, although the vita sticks work fine. My only trouble is sometimes the cursor is kinda hard to see on my screen, which makes aiming a bit tough IMO. Really wish the game gave me the option to adjust the cursors length or opaqueness.