Hiphopgamer Responds To Candid Anthony With A Freestyle…"Achievement Unlocked"

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "This guy has mad lyrics. We talked about him on the podcast last week and Candid Anthony made fun of him and his background. It was all fun and games, nothing serious. Hiphopgamer hit Candid Anthony back hard with a freestyle. I call it, "Achievement Unlocked". "

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Lord Anubis3762d ago

I'm not into rap but i found his videocast quite entertainment. He made some good points and his news coverage was good.

egm_hiphopgamer3762d ago

was up lord anubus thanks for taking a interest into the hiphopgamershow go to i have 121 videos posted man i do my show every week i post it on sundays and i know you not into hiphop but there's a rap battle that i just posted between rappers murda mook vs serious jones i think you actually might like it but any way most importantly god bless to you and your family and check out the rest of my videos aight PSNID: HIPHOPGAMER2 1luv peace

Lord Anubis3762d ago

this is the first time is see a grandma play games and i do believe the PlayStation eye has more potential than the wii remote.

donscrillinger3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

lol,yo i got to disagree wit you on the piece of shyt 3 .1st off there are more people playing live then people wit the ps3.360 is the best system to make games for ,the games run way smoother on the 360 and in an lot of cases look better .as for wat evea hap wit the hater that was on your nuttZ .NICE VIDEO PODCASE crushed him. bIG ^ 2all MY HATERZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c-redz3762d ago

^^^ wow take your views to oprah... cuz you talkin is lame!!!!

egm_hiphopgamer3762d ago

was up man don. well i hear you saying the 360 is the best system and every one has there own opinion but let me ask you a question? 1.Infinity ward just revealed that people are playing COD4 on psn more than they are on xbox live. 2.ps3 games run great in the early part of there lifecycle there was problems because of bad porting but that situation is not the case anymore. 3. ps3 has in-game xmb which will match the xbox live experience as far as in-game dashboard access meaning that you get to play online for free with the same xbox live functions but also added to that will be HOME which xbox live doesn't have nor can compete with. 4. ps3 has more bigger heavy hitting exclusives coming out this year alone but in general they do sony is a bigger game company with more employees and support than microsoft game studios. 5. ps3 has blu-ray now bd live 6. ps3 has the ability to upgrade there hard drive to however many gigs you want. ps3 is gonna have playtv which is free tv you can watch save record and most importantly own. plus ps3's don't break on people like that it has a 1percent failure rate. 360 had a 33 percent but now it's currently at 16 percent so to me with the ps3 you get a great system with great games and functionality all across the board and as the price get cheaper the value of the system get's alot better so that's my view point on it tell me what you think aight. 1luv and god bless check out the hiphopgamershow WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/JACKAL33

tordavis3762d ago

...there are more people on PS3 and PC than Live. It's PS3+PC combined vs Live.

Highwayman3761d ago

What was that exactly? Murder!?!?!? What is it with "rappers" and the word murder? What is so hard about speaking proper english. For those of us who live in the U.S. Perhaps I just don't "get it" but that's perfectly fine with me. I'm sure I will get a lot of disagrees and of course the famous "you're racist" But really the whole "rap culture" is just a fad, much like old rock was a fad but has now faded or how about techno anyone? It'll fade out in the years to come and have little impact on society's. Like so many ohter cycles in our long History. So many people want to be "mainstream" so that they can "fit" in. Just my two cents on this subject.