Why We Will Never See A True Pokemon MMORPG On The Wii U

Blaine Smith of MMOAttack writes:

It's the dream of millions, the gold prize at the end of the rainbow, a truly 3D Pokemon MMORPG. As with most dreams the potential for it to become true is unlikely but that doesn't stop the heavy debates on forum boards across the internet. So today I thought I'd give you my opinion on the matter, as you obviously care what my thoughts are right?

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CaptainCamper1991d ago

I wrote the thing and I want to believe!! :D Sadly though, I just don't see it happening this generation :(

dark-hollow1991d ago

I won't trust Nintendo to pull off a pokemon MMO and meet the fans high expectations.

Japanese MMO are very few and inferior to western MMO. Unless they collaborate with another experienced western studio.

Wizziokid1991d ago

It's a gold mine and i'm confused as to why we haven't seen a fully 3D Wii U game never mind an MMO. such a waste imo.

CaptainCamper1991d ago

Dragon Quest X is Wii U right? That's 3D MMO. Not sure if it's coming to the West or not but it's a start right? :D

Blastoise1991d ago

Because the franchise sells like hot cakes on the handhelds, and it's a lot cheaper to make on handhelds. So more profit.
Plus, the 3DS has a ton more consoles sold than the Wii U, and there was always an emphasis on trading with your friends who had the other version.

jensen861991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

but with the power of the wii u n the internet being able to fight n trade would be better than ever

AdvanceWarsSgt1991d ago

3DS has internet capabilities, so moot point.

imXify1991d ago

Because they don't want our monies.

truthteller1991d ago

I want Pokemon RPG on WiiU. Not an MMO, WTF?

Zichu1991d ago

Not that I don't enjoy Pokemon, but maybe the developers are just too lazy to change the formula.

The game has pretty much been the same since the beginning with a few new additions. They do change the Pokemon each generation, but the formula is the same.

It took them this long to make Pokemon more 3D.

It sells like crazy, they are making a ton of profit from this franchise, pretty sure they have the money and the resources to do it, but they might not have the willpower to do it.

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The story is too old to be commented.