Thunderbolt: FIFA Street 3 DS Review

Thunderbolt writes: "FIFA Street 3 is a deceptive game. On the surface it's the third game of a franchise that seemingly has nowhere to go. A game based on street football with an emphasis on style and tricks is bound to get old by its third iteration, yet this isn't exactly the case. FIFA Street 3 for the DS is fun, it may not be a classic or one to shout home about, but it does a fine job of playing an interesting and stylish game of football, that's surprisingly deep.

From the main screen, the amount of options available is a little underwhelming - there are just four modes available, three if you've not got your DS connected to Wi-Fi. There is the obligatory single match mode that lets you choose your teams and pits you against the computer, the street challenge mode, which is where most if not all of your gaming time will be spent, and kick-ups, a benami-orientated mini game exclusive to the DS, with online making the final line-up."

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