PES 2014 vs. FIFA 14: Let The Battle Commence

Both EA Sports and Konami gave some new details both in the build-up to and during E3 week about this autumn’s football titles. For those of you who weren’t paying attention, the big news is that Konami have decided not to launch PES 2014 on either next-gen console, period. Ironically, while we are still very much in the chest pumping faze of this particular fight, it would appear that PES 2014 might just be taking the bigger overall leap.

The decision by Konami to keep PES 2014 current gen only is a brave one, giving their biggest rivals almost a full year unopposed on the new systems to build some loyalty. Having said that, you have to hand it to the development team for their honesty.

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Jreca1967d ago

Looks like this year PES rocks. Even without next gen. It looks and it looks to play fantastic.

asmith23061967d ago

PES 2013 thumped FIFA last year as well in my opinion. PES looks like its back to it's best. And for people complaining about licenses, etc. just download the PES option file that is usually available day one. Gives all official jerseys and player names.

Thefreeman0121967d ago

That's your opinion... I still think pes is terrible with its clunky movement and unlicensed material..besides that I don't enjoy konami games as a whole

joe901967d ago

ill be buying both this year, Pro looks like it could be good.

1nsomniac1967d ago

I loved all the pre-talk from the PES team this year, with the brand new engine etc..

But after saying gameplay at E3 it looks like I got sucked into their PR talk again just like the sucker I am every year for PES.

Doesn't look any different at all, looks like the exact same crap they've been releasing over the last 5 years!

Not happy!! :-(

berndogskate1967d ago

Yeah and fifa differs how?

1nsomniac1967d ago

FIFA doesn't claim to be entirely new year after year.

FIFA claims to add features although I havnt bothered with the last 2 years as not enough has changed. But year on year PES claims its almost an entirely new game with game changing features & I get sucked in every year & every year I realise what a fool I've been.

I was sure this year with them starting from scratch with a brand new engine it would be different but just look at the videos from this years E3, nothing has changed at all!

I'm feeling like a fool again!

OcelotRigz1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Well actually PES does make massive changes every year, you cant fault them for that. BUT... sometimes those changes dont work out too well.

Heres the way i see it, and I've said this in a million pes/fifa posts, FIFA looks and sounds like a real football game but it is actually very shallow on gameplay and, thanks to the sales, they play it safe every year, making minute changes but declaring them as "revolutionary".
PES on the otherhand, looks weird, plays weird, after all these years it still feels like the players are made from wood. But their gameplay, flaws and all, is very deep and complex, on a different level from FIFA. They actually do try something new every year, they try to change how we play football games. Its just their execution of their ideas doesn't always work out on the field and results in some ridiculously frustrating flaws.

I haven't fully enjoyed any football game since PES6, some of the recent FIFA's are ok for quick game here or there, but its repetitiveness, lack of depth and very frustrating scripting just ruins it for me. I haven't enjoyed a pes this gen at all until this year, i play PES 2013 for days and love it. Then i hate it. Then i love it again, that's the way that game is.
Although i really like the look of this years game, as usual though.

Heck i did a blog on this over 2 years ago and it still kinda applies to the current state of these games.

1nsomniac1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

In all fairness you have pretty much nailed it on the head. I never picked up this years FIFA or PES so maybe I'll pick up the new PES after all.

hkgamer1967d ago

Pro Evo... I miss the days when people used to play that over fifa.

May give pro 14 a miss but I guess I definitely will go for pro's next gen game.