Why J Allard should take over from Don Mattrick.

"“one thing that bums me out about the videogame industry is that we’ve developed these camps or factions when we’re all gamers. Whether you’re making games, talking about games, or anything else, the factions we create can be a little unhealthy.” – James Allard

We discuss why James Allard should take over the Interactive Entertainment division at Microsoft.

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Goyougoodthing1963d ago

"J Allard should take over Don Mattrick" - invasion of the bodysnatchers much?

1963d ago
darthv721963d ago

Ms would be better suited to enlist the know how of one Mr. Ken Kutaragi? I know he is retired from Sony and still remains on their board but he could give MS a few ideas on how to turn their brand around.

when you really think about it, from a business side these companies are not enemies. Rivals maybe but not diehard enemies like the gamers would like to believe.

Godmars2901963d ago

Isn't this another guy who suddenly left the Xbox division suddenly amid issues?

GodGinrai1963d ago

Ah...the daddy of Xbox. I been saying this for sometime. If they cant bring him back then they at least need somebody who is more in tune with gamers and the games industry, than any of their current execs.

DonFreezer1963d ago

The problem is that because companys like Microsoft hire people based on their college education and working experience they never put someone who knows gaming from the inside out.You may find people in the Xbox division who have barely played a single video game.

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The story is too old to be commented.