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Why J Allard should take over from Don Mattrick.

"“one thing that bums me out about the videogame industry is that we’ve developed these camps or factions when we’re all gamers. Whether you’re making games, talking about games, or anything else, the factions we create can be a little unhealthy.” – James Allard

We discuss why James Allard should take over the Interactive Entertainment division at Microsoft. (Don Mattrick, Industry, Microsoft, Xbox One)

Goyougoodthing  +   758d ago
"J Allard should take over Don Mattrick" - invasion of the bodysnatchers much?
Masterdon   758d ago | Spam
darthv72  +   758d ago
Ms would be better suited to enlist the know how of one Mr. Ken Kutaragi? I know he is retired from Sony and still remains on their board but he could give MS a few ideas on how to turn their brand around.

when you really think about it, from a business side these companies are not enemies. Rivals maybe but not diehard enemies like the gamers would like to believe.
IcicleTrepan  +   758d ago
he's retired
Tiqila  +   758d ago
nice piercing
Godmars290  +   758d ago
Isn't this another guy who suddenly left the Xbox division suddenly amid issues?
GodGinrai  +   758d ago
Ah...the daddy of Xbox. I been saying this for sometime. If they cant bring him back then they at least need somebody who is more in tune with gamers and the games industry, than any of their current execs.
DonFreezer  +   758d ago
The problem is that because companys like Microsoft hire people based on their college education and working experience they never put someone who knows gaming from the inside out.You may find people in the Xbox division who have barely played a single video game.
SDS Gamerfiend  +   758d ago
Yes! When J was running things, I was a BIG Xbox fan! Not anymore!
joeorc  +   758d ago
if the writer does not know, Mr Allard is no longer there.
On May 25, 2010, Allard, along with Robbie Bach left Microsoft. Allard will remain a direct advisor to Steve Ballmer on product incubation and User Experience design
RandomDude655  +   758d ago
The cloud should take over.
tigertron  +   758d ago
Not seen anything from J Allard since 2005.
Zechs34  +   758d ago
"With the Xbox One, we dont need the shells of humans on stage, through the power of the cloud, your box, will become both our stockholders and executives, and will tell you how to operate your life, which is why, immediate this moment, I resign and will take a CEO position in another company who has no idea what its consumers want, Zynga. Thank you.

Don Mattrick
Tyre  +   758d ago
Everybody related to Microsoft tries to make this look like a fanboy argument. It is not, it is even beyond the realm of gaming. Is it so hard to except that customers/ordinary people can have criticism on the actions of a company? I play on both platforms.... Stop making the outcry look like a fanboy war or whining. Companies must respect people's freedoms/right, the console is just an entertainment device and a service to the people. It shouldn't be used to hijack constitutional rights/freedoms or an entire industry. The people saw through their scam and reacted accordingly. Nobody should approve a company that tries to make your living into a corporate monopolised prison or forcing feeding you restrictions that impact your freedoms without accountability. This should have been about gaming only, Microsoft overstepped their bounderies and made it about more than gaming force feeding DRM/Mandatory Kinect. The people were just in their reactions.
clonerz  +   758d ago
Well said
Tyre  +   758d ago
Thanks clonerz!
Nocando  +   758d ago
Quite a bit off topic and poorly written.
Tyre  +   758d ago
@Nocado Being critical about semantics reeks of weakness and is pointless envy. What are you trying to accomplish? I speak about serious issues that affect us all and in favor of the good people, you talk semantics? it is not entirely unrelated why mention this? Can't stand the truth? You took the effort to still comment so you must really thought is was necessary to down us gamers for doing the right thing. I ain't no high & mighty intellect like you consider yourself to be, because obviously you consider yourself to be part of the establishment or some sort of authority on the 'cloud' future. You just joined N4G i see...well Thanks for wasting your efforts on me this is not an elite website, it just for the ordinary gamers. Thanks for the irrelevance. The Future is what we make of it ourselves not what some greedy company wants it to be by destroying consumer trust/propert rights or unjustifiable profits.
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Mystogan  +   758d ago
J Allard for Xbox Head
Fireseed  +   758d ago
Idk I've always kinda thought the mantle should go to Phil Harrison, but then I realized I was thinking of J Allard... to many bald suit wearing men at this company
urwifeminder  +   758d ago
Who the hell is J Allard just lol so many names on this site I have no idea just put some games on the site that's why im here its not CEO monthly its news for gamers.
Finch  +   758d ago
I want Peter Moore back.

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