Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed Review by Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt writes: "It's hard, sometimes. Exterminating the human race, I mean. Wiping out random people can be a fun, fulfilling pastime, but there are just so many ways to do it. High voltage electrocution, laser beams, fiery explosions, zombie outbreaks… technology provides so many different possibilities. It can be tough choosing the most satisfying method of slaughter, especially if you've got a good imagination. Actually killing a person, however, is easy; the bodies are ridiculously fragile. The real problem comes with the disposing of the victims. Since the mankind's annihilation is still a covert operation, the alien forces have no choice but to keep the mass murdering a secret. Can you imagine trying to hide thousands of charred, mutilated corpses? It's not easy."

-Plenty of cultural references and satire for the American 1970's.
-A nice assortment of weapons keep the bloodshed somehwat entertaining.

-Brief and simplistic missions are disappointing.
-Terrible camera and laggy controls.
-Graphics are substandard for the Wii.
-The "Big Willy" joke is done to death.

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