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Microsoft: No Xbox One in Japan this Year: “Tier 2 Country” Asks Journalist Not to Report Negatively

Microsoft Japan held a press briefing on the the management policies of fiscal year 2014 today, and the journalists in attendance immediately noticed that things didn’t bode too well for the release of Xbox One in the country when the console almost wasn’t mentioned during the briefing itself. After the briefing the local honcho confirmed that Xbox will miss a 2013 launch in the country. (Haruaki Kayama, Microsoft, Xbox One, Yasuyuki Higuchi)

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zeal0us  +   830d ago
Something tell me MS at TGS this year will be awkward.

Well the 360 in Japan launch less than month after the NA release. So hopefully Japan will get it early next year. Hopefully by then MS would have talk to some Japanese cable providers and sport networks because I'm pretty sure Japan could care less about the NFL.
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abzdine  +   830d ago
if PS4 makes it to Japan before X1 then i'm afraid the worst will happen to them (more than 360 and first xbox).

i keep thinking that PS4 and Wii U is the best combo this year
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Bob Dole  +   830d ago | Well said
PS4/PC is Bob Dole's best combo. He'll get a Wii U when they release Mario/Metriod/Zelda/something awesome.
WitWolfy  +   830d ago
You serious?!?!? Whats with this "if" garbage.. ITS MORE LIKE WHEN!!!

Sony = Japanese company so obviously the PS4 will launch there before X1!!
Campy da Camper  +   830d ago
Agreed. I bit the bullet and got a Wii u. Its actually a great secondary console. I do my hard ore stuff in living room on my ps3 then lay in bed and play Wii u. What's great is being able to play on the controller itself and have TV on cable. If I want to switch to big screen I can. Awesome.
xxLuckyStrike  +   830d ago
Wouldnt even bother shipping Japan. Waste of time and resources. Even if the ONE proves to be the better console. If their so biased F them..is the approach needed here
Polysix  +   829d ago
PS4+PC - lets not excuse the wii-u just because the XB1 is even worse.
mikeslemonade  +   829d ago
PS4 only for me. There's only one must-buy system just like how it was in generation 6 when you needed a PS2 to play the majority of all games.
PeaSFor  +   829d ago
Combo PC-Ps3/Ps4-WiiU-PsVita/3DS is the way to go.
GT67  +   830d ago
wooooo-hoooo japan not blinded by MS lies.

i smell something fishy and its not games......
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omi25p   830d ago | Immature | show
clearelite  +   829d ago
Yeah and MS PR team doesn't really know when to shut up apparently.
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fermcr  +   830d ago
I'm surprised Microsoft is going to TGS this year. Do they have exclusive JRPG's to show ? As for No Xbox One in Japan this Year, that's what i pretty much expected.
Geezus  +   830d ago
MS Osaka is reportedly working on a new project maybe a reveal or something at tgs?
hollabox  +   830d ago
If I was Microsoft I wouldn't waste my time releasing a system that's not going to sell, no matter the software lineup. The first Xbox I get it not a whole lot going for it regarding Japanese gamers. Xbox 360 they came out swinging with RPGs, smaller controller, fighting and racing games. With over 10 years of selling their consoles in Japan, total sales for both Xboxes combined is 2.17 Million units sold.

When SNK NEO GEO didn't sell they pulled their system off shelves in the US while still selling in Japan. Sega did the same thing with Saturn selling consoles over a year after they stop manufacturing for the American market.
d3nworth1  +   830d ago
I dont think the Japanese even care. They dont really like xbox over there anyway. I read that some japanese retailers even stopped selling 360s cuz people werent buying them.
greenlantern2814  +   830d ago
With both previous systems doing so poorly this just makes sense why send something that you have limited quantities of somewhere it won't sell, when you could send more to places it will.
RedHawkX  +   829d ago
Ms is racist and are pigs dont see why anyone will support them buying there over priced console. its pretty simple solution just get the ps4 and watch ms become a tier failure. this would be best for gaming and xbox lovers this is just the begginng. if you get the xbox one you wont be able to discuss it on the internet at all because we gamers are gonna rip you all a new one. also no ones gonna have a xbox one to begin with. ps4 is the new big thing
Nocando  +   829d ago
I am buying the Xbox One day 1.
pixelsword  +   829d ago
How are they racist? Because of the tier-2 thing? That's probably executive talk more than racism; just like AAA games.
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lukeb4dunk  +   829d ago
@pixelsword - I think he was being sarcastic.
braydox21  +   829d ago
im guessing you really don't like microsoft. i just wanted to point out their console isn't exactly overpriced compared to ps4 it is but 500$ is a decent price not for Xbox one but i would pay for a console say ps4 at 500$ but problem is that i would be paying that price because when the us dollers transfers to Australian dollars it becomes 100 dollars more expensive somehow. perhaps you are in a similer situation. don mattrick has been removed also it policies have also been removed.

im not defending microsft those idiots really fucked up, you could say im being sympathetic to their plight in the same way its sad to see whats happening to the Wii U sony got lots media damage in 2006 and look at them now. but i think Xbox is just suffering the curse of the 3rd console. im going to buy a ps4 first like most people but now people see xbox as a secondary console so i imagine that the start will not be good for microsoft but think that this will only make them try harder.
Consoldtobots  +   829d ago
I guess I'm the only one that see's MS parroting the crap their employees errr I mean fans have been saying on here this whole last generation.

"Japan is not a major market"
"US is the biggest market"
blah blah blah

talk about branding butthurt and trying to sell it.
showtimefolks  +   829d ago
why bother MS its sony/nintendo that will dominate, spend your resources else where
LOL__________________ is my title.
Like it matters lol.
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loretta12mazur   829d ago | Spam
TheXgamerLive  +   829d ago
You little kids are funny. Soon as things become more known and demo'd your going to see the Xbox One take first place. If you cant see that then my first statement rings true. Happy Gaming.
ajames347  +   830d ago
Something tells me you might be right, but they'll be there, so maybe they have something up their sleeve?
Knushwood Butt  +   830d ago | Funny
All 3 potential buyers are now officially pissed.
Roper316  +   830d ago
you really think there was that many interested buyers? number looks kind of high to me.
bass4g  +   830d ago
not in japan where they traditionally don't tend to buy xbox's.
RedHawkX  +   829d ago
ii agree no one wants that crap xbox one console except retards whose brain isnt functioning properly. why get a crap xbox one when the ps4 does everything better. id rather be on the better winnning side then be on the xbox one side getting ripped to pieces on the internet everyday.
gapecanpie  +   829d ago
Why get a crappy ps4 or xbone with there crappy tablet CPU and low end GPU when you could build a $500 dollar PC that is 15X more powerful and have free online play, 40% cheaper games then both system combine and does everything better? Only a ret*rd whose brain isn't functioning properly would buy either one.

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fsfsxii  +   829d ago
The 3 potential buyers disliked your comment xD
calis  +   829d ago
If Microsoft releases the Xbox 1 in Japan and no body buys it, did they really release it?
Ezz2013  +   829d ago
you lie to me

looking at your disagrees
they are 4 .....not 3
you pissed the entire Xbox buyers in japan by doing that

shame on you :P
sly-Famous  +   830d ago
Because you know all about negative press, right MS? Covering the bases.
kratoz1209  +   830d ago
They have most likely Purchased Some Japanes RPG games,
with there Money
DonFreezer  +   830d ago
They have most likely Purchased Some Japanes RPG games.Who are you talking about Sony?
RedHawkX  +   829d ago
nope they done purchasing japanese games and japanese developer arent gonna be putting there games on a console ms dont wanna release to them. gettng a ps4 is the only choice unless you want to be a dumb fanboy who gets ripped on the internet everyday and get stress and health problens from fighting everybody off. why spend 500 on a crap xbox one when you can spend 399 on the superior ps4?
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   829d ago
Actually they are enjoying some an*l s*x with Kojima.
ala_767  +   830d ago
Yessssss! so?
Valkyre  +   830d ago
"Asks journalist not to report negatively"

Goes on to show you how pathetic and arrogant they are.

Good God I hope MS eats dust and just gets out of the console business, so that Sega can maybe return in the console race...

Those MS bastards want to destroy gaming, their plot was laid out and even if they did a U trun, they only did that to aquire a decent install base, to just start and put their plan in motion again, step by step...

Gaming needs to get rid of them, all of them.
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Geezus  +   830d ago
sega is dead dude let it go they cant even bring sonic back let alone a console
Valkyre  +   830d ago
I know man, but one can only dream of a better console generation with just Sony Sega and Nintendo in it...
DonFreezer  +   830d ago
They can;t bring Sony back because it's exclusive to the Wii U ps drones?
Darth Gamer  +   830d ago
@Valkyre - WOW, talk about conspiracy theory!!! Your a NUT!!!
Valkyre  +   830d ago
braydox21  +   829d ago
you forgot to add in the evil laugh...........
sway_z  +   830d ago
I don't personally believe MS takes Japan seriously anyway..they tried and gave up on that market back in 2008. If it wasn't for the East's commitment to western audiences, I seriously don't believe MS would have as many Japanese developers working on Xbox.

It's commendable that MS at least made an effort for the first 3 years of the consoles life span, but MS gave up too easy.

Let's see how they respond to this 'difficult' market with Xbox One. Personally I don't mind seeing it do well.
aiBreeze  +   830d ago
Lol they are telling the media not to report it negatively? How else do you report it then? "It's great to see that Microsoft have already foresaw the off the charts demand for their console in our country and we for one think it's a great move that Microsoft are holding off until they can ensure there is enough stock for every Microsoft fan in Japan"?

Well they'll never break into Japan now.. they failed before and will continue to do so.. the Japanese just don't want games like Ryse, Halo, Gears of War etc.. Project Spark might have done well though. Also calling one of the biggest gaming countries in the world with so many great developers a tier 2 country blows my mind.
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HmongAmerican  +   830d ago
If I were in MS shoes. I willing to take the risk. MS misses is SONY and Nintendo gain.
OrangePowerz  +   830d ago
I guess they only release it in Japan to have more support from Japanese developers because that system is so far away from what the Japanese want.

It's huge and it requires kinect, both things aren't exactly desirable given the avarage size of rooms there.
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sentury111  +   830d ago
It's a few inches wider and an inch taller, but not as long, about an inch less than ps4.

The Kinect 2 is supposed to recognize people within 4 feet of it. Much better than Kinect 1.

Small rooms or not these specs shouldn't affect the sale. The content should.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   830d ago
Not the first wave, maybe not the second wave, likely the bye-bye wave :-)
Geezus  +   830d ago
xbox is never gunna sell well in japan either way allocating resources and pushing the x1 agressively into north america and europe among other countires is a far better startegy than catering to japan... best strategy is to build up a nice repertoire of games favorable to the japanese audience then launching console hoping those who already have consoles bite and re-up on the xbox. Gunna be interesting to see what project MS Osaka is working on tho that might gain them some favor among the japanese gamers.
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creepjack  +   830d ago
Japan is a non factor. They did fine without Japan last gen, plus Japan told them to screw off years ago, so why is it not ok for them to tell Japan they aren't worth their time?
Besides, Japan is so xenophobic when it comes to their video games it's not like they will ever accept the Xbox no matter what Microsoft does.
OrangePowerz  +   830d ago
I dont think that's fully true. There are many western companies that see great success in Japan like in video ges and outside of video games. Call of Duty sold very well in Japan and so did The Last of Us among other western games.

I think a western console maker could find success in Japan if they handle it right. MS didn't handle it right starting with a controller that was huge and a console that took up a lot of space compared to what the size of a room in Japan is. This time the console is huge again and requires kinect, MS clearly doesn't care about Japanes market and they didn't much in the past given how they handled things.
Clarence  +   830d ago
Yeahhh that's why the 360 is in last place. Every sale counts. Without other countries the Xbox brand will not succeed.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   830d ago
MS should skip Japan no matter what they do the Japanese consumers hate the xbox brand.
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Darth Gamer  +   830d ago
Exactly, 10 years have shown that no matter what MS does, the Japanese will not embrace the XBOX brand. They will use any and every excuse possible. Too Big, Too Small, has a power brick, Too Noisy, They don't like the color, there are NO Japanese game on it, etc, etc, etc... Why even bother bringing the console to the shores. So they can be touted as inferior, laughed at. Its obvious that no matter what they try to do, it's always going to be wrong. People hate just to hate and anything that is not Japanese made is never going to be accepted in that country. (Apple being the exception)Very smart and stupid at the same time on their part. I'd skip the whole country and take the approach that if it's not available there, maybe they will start to actually want it.
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Clarence  +   830d ago
@Darth Gamer
That's bull$h!t. Japanese will not support a console that has a 50% failure rate. That's not a excuses, that's called common sense. The Xbox brand is cool but not great. Here in the states we embraced it and look how they tried to play us.

RROD, disc scratches. Then M$ tried to pull this DRM crap. M$ company has always been about trying to get over. Stealing, copying, buying, and monopolizing.

M$ needs to clean up their dirty tactics then maybe they will be embraced.
Every console M$ has put out ends up in 3rd place. Tier 3 console.
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LeonhartX  +   830d ago
Japan replies "We're not going to buy a tier 3 console anyway."
6DEAD6END6  +   830d ago
Amen brother i was thinking the samething lol. Japan a tier 2 country really M$, just because you cant sell their doesnt mean their tier 2, it just means your product sucks. Just look at Apple, Samsung, Sony and many others their doing just fine out in Japan, you just need to step your game up M$ then they'll buy your box.
oof46  +   830d ago
The hits keep coming!
NYC_Gamer  +   830d ago
I'm not surprised since MS is trying to have enough units for western markets
Dlacy13g  +   830d ago
Yeah... Japan is a second tier market for MS but it kinda is for Sony too. The difference being Sony will roll out consoles eventually to Japan and know they will win Japan anyway. MS will roll out to Japan 2nd because they know its never going to amount to much in sales as it currently appears.
IcicleTrepan  +   830d ago
They didn't do well in Japan last time so I don't really see this as a big deal. I don't think too many Japanese gamers would be upset anyway, nobody seems to like the brand much over there.
IG-88  +   830d ago
If MS wants Japan then they should team up with sega so they can call the Xbox One the Dreamcast 2 then they would sell like hot cakes.
DJMarty  +   830d ago

Renaming Xbox One to Dreamcast 2, won't help.

As both Xbox & Dreamcast brands failed.
#20.1 (Edited 830d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
warewolfSS  +   830d ago
Wait, when did the Xbox brand fail??

If you mean just in Japan than yes I agree, but in general, no
Good_news_every1   830d ago | Spam
Dlacy13g  +   830d ago
@Good_news_every1 Your logic is so flawed its laughable.
a_bro  +   830d ago
Lets be honest here, with or without launching in Japan, it is eventually going to fail there either way.
DJMarty  +   830d ago
LOL, MS shouldn't bother.

Xbox One sales in Japan will be a JOKE.

4>1 always will be:)
warewolfSS  +   830d ago
4>1. You do know how absolutely rediculous that is right? Your not part of. Special club man. Same with Xbox fanboys. Neither of you are doing something special or unique. Your BUYING. a product from a company.
GT67  +   829d ago
(Wait. when did xbox brand fail??)

did you watch March 23rd Presentation??? there you have it. or 2013 E3??? millions watched both where were YOU???
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solidworm  +   830d ago
Cant blame them, the 360 got murdered in Japan but hey its gonna be a massacre WW anyways.
worldwidegaming  +   830d ago
The Japanese pride themselves on quality. One mistake can ruin your company. Microsoft lost before the battle even started. It was a fixed match plain and simple.
one or two games should not be a reason for buying a product.
Animal Mutha 76  +   830d ago
It is a negative for the few in Japan who have to wait but I don't blame MS for deciding this.

Is stock and supply is limited initially then concentrate it to your strongest and most important markets first to get a good foothold then release in Japan a bit later.

Makes sense. Its not anti Japan just common sense, after all they don't buy xbox so whats the issue.

Logical business decision. Can't see why anyone would want to spin this as 'oh my godz MS hatz the japz' blah blah.
Mikefizzled  +   830d ago
You do realise that the background to the picture is regarded as very offensive in Japan. Its on par with the Nazi Swastika.
WeedyOne  +   830d ago
I didn't think that flag was considered offensive in Japan. Its the surrounding countries that Japan invaded like South Korea and China that get offended by this flag because it represents the Japanese military imperialism of the past.

In fact I think Japan still uses this flag for its Maritime Self-Defense Force.
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EXVirtual  +   830d ago
Why the hell are they going to TGS then? Oh yeah to monyehat
GiantEnemyCrab  +   830d ago
They are still supporting the 360.
christocolus  +   830d ago
Microsoft not releasing the xbox one this year in japan does snot mean they are abandoning that region.microsoft has had a r ealy difficult time there.japanese gamers have unique tastes and ms being an american company still has a lot to learn and i feel this time around they do not want to rush out with just another box and more western games rumors have it that ms have been gathering good japanese talents ,creating new studios and making 2nd party deals.if its true then that would be a big step in the right direction.i strongly believe they will employ a different strategy this time around. They will launch when its ready.Lets all wait and see what ms and sony show at tgs. In the end all gamers will enjoy the benefits.
quenomamen  +   830d ago
Its obvious MS made the X1 for us Mercanzzzzz !
Theyre not missing out on much anywho.
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MWong  +   830d ago
We already knew that Japan wouldn't get the XBone at launch. I thought that came up around the unveil and E3. XBone will only be sold in 21 countries at launch.
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