Microsoft: No Xbox One in Japan this Year: “Tier 2 Country” Asks Journalist Not to Report Negatively

Microsoft Japan held a press briefing on the the management policies of fiscal year 2014 today, and the journalists in attendance immediately noticed that things didn’t bode too well for the release of Xbox One in the country when the console almost wasn’t mentioned during the briefing itself. After the briefing the local honcho confirmed that Xbox will miss a 2013 launch in the country.

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zeal0us1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Something tell me MS at TGS this year will be awkward.

Well the 360 in Japan launch less than month after the NA release. So hopefully Japan will get it early next year. Hopefully by then MS would have talk to some Japanese cable providers and sport networks because I'm pretty sure Japan could care less about the NFL.

abzdine1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

if PS4 makes it to Japan before X1 then i'm afraid the worst will happen to them (more than 360 and first xbox).

i keep thinking that PS4 and Wii U is the best combo this year

Bob Dole1969d ago

PS4/PC is Bob Dole's best combo. He'll get a Wii U when they release Mario/Metriod/Zelda/something awesome.

WitWolfy1969d ago

You serious?!?!? Whats with this "if" garbage.. ITS MORE LIKE WHEN!!!

Sony = Japanese company so obviously the PS4 will launch there before X1!!

Campy da Camper1968d ago

Agreed. I bit the bullet and got a Wii u. Its actually a great secondary console. I do my hard ore stuff in living room on my ps3 then lay in bed and play Wii u. What's great is being able to play on the controller itself and have TV on cable. If I want to switch to big screen I can. Awesome.

xxLuckyStrike1968d ago

Wouldnt even bother shipping Japan. Waste of time and resources. Even if the ONE proves to be the better console. If their so biased F the approach needed here

Polysix1968d ago

PS4+PC - lets not excuse the wii-u just because the XB1 is even worse.

mikeslemonade1968d ago

PS4 only for me. There's only one must-buy system just like how it was in generation 6 when you needed a PS2 to play the majority of all games.

PeaSFor1968d ago

Combo PC-Ps3/Ps4-WiiU-PsVita/3DS is the way to go.

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Retroman1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

wooooo-hoooo japan not blinded by MS lies.

i smell something fishy and its not games......

omi25p1969d ago Show
clearelite1968d ago

Yeah and MS PR team doesn't really know when to shut up apparently.

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fermcr1969d ago

I'm surprised Microsoft is going to TGS this year. Do they have exclusive JRPG's to show ? As for No Xbox One in Japan this Year, that's what i pretty much expected.

Geezus1969d ago

MS Osaka is reportedly working on a new project maybe a reveal or something at tgs?

hollabox1969d ago

If I was Microsoft I wouldn't waste my time releasing a system that's not going to sell, no matter the software lineup. The first Xbox I get it not a whole lot going for it regarding Japanese gamers. Xbox 360 they came out swinging with RPGs, smaller controller, fighting and racing games. With over 10 years of selling their consoles in Japan, total sales for both Xboxes combined is 2.17 Million units sold.

When SNK NEO GEO didn't sell they pulled their system off shelves in the US while still selling in Japan. Sega did the same thing with Saturn selling consoles over a year after they stop manufacturing for the American market.

d3nworth11969d ago

I dont think the Japanese even care. They dont really like xbox over there anyway. I read that some japanese retailers even stopped selling 360s cuz people werent buying them.

greenlantern28141968d ago

With both previous systems doing so poorly this just makes sense why send something that you have limited quantities of somewhere it won't sell, when you could send more to places it will.

RedHawkX1968d ago

Ms is racist and are pigs dont see why anyone will support them buying there over priced console. its pretty simple solution just get the ps4 and watch ms become a tier failure. this would be best for gaming and xbox lovers this is just the begginng. if you get the xbox one you wont be able to discuss it on the internet at all because we gamers are gonna rip you all a new one. also no ones gonna have a xbox one to begin with. ps4 is the new big thing

Nocando1968d ago

I am buying the Xbox One day 1.

pixelsword1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

How are they racist? Because of the tier-2 thing? That's probably executive talk more than racism; just like AAA games.

lukeb4dunk1968d ago

@pixelsword - I think he was being sarcastic.

braydox211968d ago

im guessing you really don't like microsoft. i just wanted to point out their console isn't exactly overpriced compared to ps4 it is but 500$ is a decent price not for Xbox one but i would pay for a console say ps4 at 500$ but problem is that i would be paying that price because when the us dollers transfers to Australian dollars it becomes 100 dollars more expensive somehow. perhaps you are in a similer situation. don mattrick has been removed also it policies have also been removed.

im not defending microsft those idiots really fucked up, you could say im being sympathetic to their plight in the same way its sad to see whats happening to the Wii U sony got lots media damage in 2006 and look at them now. but i think Xbox is just suffering the curse of the 3rd console. im going to buy a ps4 first like most people but now people see xbox as a secondary console so i imagine that the start will not be good for microsoft but think that this will only make them try harder.

Consoldtobots1968d ago

I guess I'm the only one that see's MS parroting the crap their employees errr I mean fans have been saying on here this whole last generation.

"Japan is not a major market"
"US is the biggest market"
blah blah blah

talk about branding butthurt and trying to sell it.

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showtimefolks1968d ago

why bother MS its sony/nintendo that will dominate, spend your resources else where

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Like it matters lol.

1968d ago
TheXgamerLive1968d ago

You little kids are funny. Soon as things become more known and demo'd your going to see the Xbox One take first place. If you cant see that then my first statement rings true. Happy Gaming.

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ajames3471969d ago

Something tells me you might be right, but they'll be there, so maybe they have something up their sleeve?

Knushwood Butt1969d ago

All 3 potential buyers are now officially pissed.

Roper3161969d ago

you really think there was that many interested buyers? number looks kind of high to me.

bass4g1969d ago

not in japan where they traditionally don't tend to buy xbox's.

RedHawkX1968d ago

ii agree no one wants that crap xbox one console except retards whose brain isnt functioning properly. why get a crap xbox one when the ps4 does everything better. id rather be on the better winnning side then be on the xbox one side getting ripped to pieces on the internet everyday.

gapecanpie1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Why get a crappy ps4 or xbone with there crappy tablet CPU and low end GPU when you could build a $500 dollar PC that is 15X more powerful and have free online play, 40% cheaper games then both system combine and does everything better? Only a ret*rd whose brain isn't functioning properly would buy either one.


fsfsxii1968d ago

The 3 potential buyers disliked your comment xD

calis1968d ago

If Microsoft releases the Xbox 1 in Japan and no body buys it, did they really release it?

Ezz20131968d ago

you lie to me

looking at your disagrees
they are 4 .....not 3
you pissed the entire Xbox buyers in japan by doing that

shame on you :P

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sly-Famous1969d ago

Because you know all about negative press, right MS? Covering the bases.

kratoz12091969d ago

They have most likely Purchased Some Japanes RPG games,
with there Money

DonFreezer1968d ago

They have most likely Purchased Some Japanes RPG games.Who are you talking about Sony?

RedHawkX1968d ago

nope they done purchasing japanese games and japanese developer arent gonna be putting there games on a console ms dont wanna release to them. gettng a ps4 is the only choice unless you want to be a dumb fanboy who gets ripped on the internet everyday and get stress and health problens from fighting everybody off. why spend 500 on a crap xbox one when you can spend 399 on the superior ps4?

Fakdafakinfakerz1968d ago

Actually they are enjoying some an*l s*x with Kojima.