Thunderbolt: Bully: Scholarship Edition Review

Thunderbolt writes: "Games are art. Yeah, I know, you've heard it all before; but before you write me off as some old-fashioned hippie, consider your view of art. Art, in the most traditional sense, immerses the viewer in a world not their own; be it a picture, a book, a poem, a song, or otherwise, 'art' in the loosest sense immerses one in a universe that can be open or closed, free or restricting, based on how the artist renders it. 'Art' is a reality separate from our own.

All games, in their own right, are art. Even Halo 3 manages to involve the user into a fantasy world, even if such a world consists mostly of teabagging and rockets to the face. It's the good artistic games – the Psychonauts of the world, if you will – that provide the greatest immersion and most unique landscapes. Rather than taking a purely unrealistic approach, however, Rockstar decided to take every person's fear – grade school – and turn them into a ridiculous, one-of-a-kind world."

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