Edge: Why PS4 is your next console – and the titanic errors on Xbox One’s road to ruin

We detail how Sony crushed Microsoft at E3 2013 and why PS4 is your next console in the new issue of Edge magazine.

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allformats1509d ago

Shots fired indeed. The wind is with Sony, and like I've always said, many Xbox 360 owners saw Microsoft's betrayal as justification to come back home to PlayStation.

Microsoft seems to forget that many of the folks who bought 360s where disgruntled PS2 owners who couldn't afford PS3 at $599, or couldn't wait one year late for the console.

They're coming home now.

abzdine1508d ago

ladies and gentleman, competition is over!

US8F1508d ago

You know what's funny? Some people actually think all Games at Microsoft conference are exclusives, instead of just 5 or 6 of them. Some of them are not even launch titles too. Ps4 has a stronger launch line up exclusives than Xbox cloud.

Edge is a respected gaming magazine for a reason. They don't sugar coat anything to cater to any one crowd. Glad that sided with my prefered console

Aery1508d ago

Edge shows love for Sony ?

Incredible ! Looks like the PS4 is a blessed console!

Zabby911508d ago

Extreme conditions require extreme measures

NewMonday1508d ago

don't remember any big gaming publication giving a prediction this bold. PS4 is gaining historical momentum

mewhy321508d ago

PS4 is crushing the competition. It's Micro$oft's own fault. They brought this upon themselves with their greed and arrogance. You can't treat your customer base like they're criminals and expect to stay on top. Lesson learned.

Boody-Bandit1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Sony has ME next generation and I have been mainly an MS gamer the past decade plus. So I agree with Edge. I don't see how anyone can argue "logically" against this assessment. MS has already made way too many mistakes and most importantly they lost trust. The biggest question now being asked is "when" will MS re-implement DRM.

Dropping DRM alone is far from being enough for them to even be competitive. There are a lot of little things they are doing wrong as well. If you go to gaming racing sites / forums. Forza fans are up in arms that their current generation wheels wont work with Forza 5. Hardcore and even mainstream gamers don't want a camera hooked up mandatory for ANY reason. Being able to turn it on or off doesn't matter. It should have never been mandatory. The price is also a huge factor considering ALL indications is it has less power all around vs the PS4. Also taken into consideration Kinect most likely is the main reason the X1 will retail for $100 dollars more.

Just way too many mistakes, poor message with horrible messaging (arrogant, snobbish, inconsistent, or flat out not answering straight questions with straight answers), unnecessary restrictions and requirements, more money ALL around (console and peripherals), etc.

Sony is without question the front runner for the next generation. It doesn't matter what MS showed or didn't show at E3 as far as games goes. Sony has proven themselves over the years to continually churn out high level exclusive IP's (sequels and brand new) generation after generation.

Meanwhile MS, other than their tried and true fab 4, all but bailed on the 360 consumers the past few years to push Kinect. Now they have made it mandatory. Didn't they get the memo? Motion controls are so last generation. Gamers want a gaming console, not a cable box that needs a traditional cable box hooked up to it to be a cable box. It just makes no sense the direction they are headed. Especially considering the X1 appears to be targeting North America the most where TV viewing is dropping year after year. SMDH

AlphaCentyros1508d ago

Wow, you just perfectly described me and my reasons for buying a 360.

Bathyj1508d ago

wow brutal. you just nailed it all right there. bubble up, well said.

Septic1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Hold on a minute, Edge were absolutely despised on here and now you guys are loving them up??

I'm sorry, but Edge have lost all credibility from here on out by blatantly picking one side. They are supposed to be objective and THAT is their front cover? That is shocking.

Unless of course, I'm missing the point and Microsoft really have blundered it up to such a colossal extent. Well, I didn't think so but this just makes me question it all. Hmmmm....

LOGICWINS1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

^^Because the shoe is on the other foot now. For YEARS the members of this site claimed that Edge favored the 360, thus being unreliable. But now that their bias proves positive for the PS4, its "okay" now. Double standards ftw *sigh*

dedicatedtogamers1508d ago

@ Septic and LOGIC

Yeah, that's a fair assessment. Edge often gets brushed aside with "LOL Edge" and it seems silly to flip-flop just because they support Sony now.

To be fair, Edge has ALWAYS been hard on most games, PS3 and 360 alike.

I think people are simply excited for the cover because of stuff like this that happened last gen:

Septic1508d ago


That is a fair point and interesting link. However, even EGM didn't go as far as to say something as stark as "the ONLY option right now".

You expect this kind of stuff from smaller websites, not larger, well known publications.

MysticStrummer1508d ago

@Logic - "^^Because the shoe is on the other foot now. For YEARS the members of this site claimed that Edge favored the 360, thus being unreliable. But now that their bias proves positive for the PS4, its "okay" now. Double standards ftw *sigh*"

That's true, but another way to look at it is... Wow a site that's seemed to hate on most things related to Playstation for years is in love with PS4, so PS4 is definitely going to dominate!

It's still jumping to a conclusion, but at least you can see the thought process behind the leap.

Ju1508d ago

I'd rather say that's because Edge is known to be harsh and was a little bit rough towards the Playstation (3) recently which makes this statement rather surprising. If Edge can make a u turn like this they better have a good reason for doing so...which puts quite some weight on that statement, IMO.

awi59511508d ago Show
Lwhit61508d ago

I was an AVID 360 fan and now, yep, you guessed it, I'm picking up a PS4 in... October?!

AngryTypingGuy1508d ago

While Edge Magazine is right in the fact that the PS4 is indeed my next console, isn't it kind of a dick move on their part to do that to Microsoft?

Tales RPG addict1508d ago

I had a feeling about this back in 2011 that Microsoft was going to do something that would jepordize their next system. I saw it coming over a mile away.

loulou1508d ago

lol edge were hated on n4g, now they are loved! who would have guessed that the cretins on here would change so quickly???

and as someone else pointed out, this is not the sort of thing an unbias publication should be doing.

sorry edge, my x1 pre-order is not getting cancelled

nukeitall1508d ago

I lost all respect for edge. Used to love them even when they gave my beloved Mass Effect a putrid score.

However, they are supposed to stay objective and report news, not steer it!

SilentGuard1508d ago

I'm not coming home, never was a Sony fan and never owned a Playstation. I've supported Xbox since I got an original in 2002. That support is now dead. I'll stick with the 360 for a bit and maybe find a new home on Playstation or go back home to PC. The wild card for me is if Steambox comes to fruition.

VTKC1508d ago

hear hear Allformats! I am exactly one of those many disgruntled ps2 owners you described!
I do have a PS3 though. Only managed to get one this year.

DigitalRaptor1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

What Brutallyhonest said is spot on.

And as expected, in come the Xbox fanboys that seem to be able to give it well, but not take it. LOL @ nukeitall - you lost all respect for EDGE, but you still somehow have respect for the company that tried to stranglehold the industry, take away your rights as a consumer, and much much more?

The damage is done... hugely. Journalistic integrity is not necessary to understand that. In fact, if journalists and true gamers everywhere wouldn't have voiced themselves where it mattered, the damage would've impacted the industry irreparably and not blown back on MS themselves.

SilentNegotiator1508d ago

I came back to Playstation in 2008.

As for everyone else just joining us...

SilentNegotiator1508d ago

@Septic, LOGICWINS, other xbox fanboys

None of the comments preceding yours are praise for Edge. All I see before your trolling comments is "Wow, that bold statement coming from EDGE?"

Oner1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

@ Brutallyhonest ~ I haven't always agreed or sided with some of the things you have said over the years, but damn man, seriously you deserve a standing ovation with that concise comment!

The only addition I would add to that is this is what reasonable mature gamers (who usually get labeled "PS Fanboys") have been saying for YEARS about Microsoft and their "tactics". It's about THEM more-so than their customers (you only have to look at Windows for proof at that) and this most recent bs with the XB1 (let alone the problems with the 360) is nothing new...always has, always will.

The proverbial "writing is on the wall" along with "fool me once" etc...

darthv721508d ago

The PS4 will be my next console purchase but it wont be my only option. The XB1 will be purchased shortly after.

andrewsqual1508d ago

@US8F So true mate. I actually had a friend who thought Metal Gear Rising was a 360 exclusive when it was due out in amonths time last January. And the game was shown at Microsoft's E3 2009 Conference!!!!! I had to laugh and say no dumb ass, it IS actually exclusive to PS3 in Japan though lol.
Goes to show all that money for pointless things may not be so pointless after all.

Outside_ofthe_Box1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )


***"None of the comments preceding yours are praise for Edge. All I see before your trolling comments is "Wow, that bold statement coming from EDGE?""***

That's what they do. They make a whole bunch of claims with no real concrete base for it, only generalizations that treats everyone's comments and opinions as one living breathing hive. Hell LOGICWINS the other day went into a thread claiming that N4G was saying the author had the 'wrong' opinion. Asked him to point out who said that he couldn't.

So now I ask the same to those crying about flip-flopping, care point out those that are "loving up" EDGE? Or maybe a better question to ask is, care to point those that are praising EDGE now that were bashing them before hmm?

Can't do that? Then STFU! lol

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1508d ago

They're coming home now?

It's going to be rough for some of you guys when NPD's come out and it's MS winning the USA again.

Kevin ButIer1508d ago

Wow... EDGE with such a radical preference toward the ps4... I mean look at that cover, I'm amazed