Do you really need a next-gen console by Christmas?

It’s easy enough to forgive all the excitement and drama we feel when we think about owning a new generation of console hardware. After all, the last time this happened was several years ago and it’s fair to say that online gaming for consoles, along with the independent developer gold rush, well and truly blossomed just afterwards.

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Eddie201011993d ago

Don't need, but really want a PS4. Day one release for me.

Muerte24941993d ago

is the only console, if you have internet, that guarantees your 5 games at launch. DriveClub, Don't Starve, Secret Poncho, Warframe, and Outlast. Sorry but Xbox One nor the Wii U is matching that. I'm getting Killzone ShadowFall on top of that. So I'll have more than enough to hold me over until Infamous Second Son.

badboy7761992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

No I'm gonna have my GT6,GTAV,Beyond Two Souls,NBA 2k13 etc.... All on PS3

Larry L1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

PS4 is absolutely the only next gen console as far as I'm concerned. I'll be getting one for sure. But I already know I won't be able to afford one this year as affordable as it is, and I'm surprisingly not too upset about it. Because oddly enough, while PS4 will be the best console on the market, the 2nd best console on the market will be PS3.

I've loved my time with PS3, I've been gaming on almost every console since there have been consoles, and by a huge margin PS3 is my all time favorite one. Aside from no Monster Hunter it's been almost custom tailored for what Ialways wanted in a console. So I feel no need to rush the end of my time with PS3.

I'm not going to rush my enjoyment of GT6, I could play just that for 2 years and be a happy gamer considering GT5 is still played daily almost 3 years later.

I'm also not going to rush my experience with Diablo 3 or FF14 if that turns out to be good enough to get me to actually pay a subscription to play a single game.

GTA5, Beyond, and I still need to get Last of Us, Injustice and the new GoW.

PS3 just still has SO much to offer the gamer in me. And since I'm not a "social" gamer per sae, I really don't need to rush on getting a PS4. I'm thinking next Fall. If Sony and PD push out the PS4 version of GT6 sooner than I expect then I'll start really stressing about not having the newest hardware. Otherwise, I'm pretty good for a while.

JoGam1993d ago

I need it before Halloween if possible. The wait is driving me crazy.

greenlantern28141992d ago

Need no really want yes. Plenty of great games coming still to this gen. That's why I will be keeping my ps3, but will get a ps4 day 1, it is already paid for. I may get a Wii u but not until the price goes down and I was an early adopter of the 360 but not gonna gamble on xb1 yet. Ms still has a lot to prove to me. Right off the bat gotta make sure they don't have a huge failure rate like 360, want them to drop Kinect, and the price, also waiting to see how many of their exclusives stay that way. And still not buying the infinite power of the cloud.

YoungPlex1993d ago

Absolutely! The only people pretending like we don't need a new console by Christmas are those that came late to the game. Gamers like myself have owned these consoles day 1 and are ready for PS4 I mean next gen to begin yesterday!

Neonridr1993d ago

lol, PC Gamers may not care for a new console either..

DivineAssault 1992d ago

I thought you were content with only owning a wii u saying "there will only be a minimal boost in power if similar in price" in the past.. You said that wii u would be the main go-to-all console with its TVii features & all the support it was going to get from 3rd party..

Well, PS4 is significantly more powerful than wii u & its only $50 more than the deluxe 32GB console.. It also has 500GB! Why do you need a new console by christmas if you have the wii u that you speak so highly of?

DJMarty1993d ago

No, I need a PS4 before Xmas.

Neonridr1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Do we ever really need anything? Probably not when it comes to the world of gaming..

But this is definitely a "want trumps need" world... ;)

I won't be getting either on launch, I will wait until summer next year. That way there will be a ton of quality software out, plus they will have worked out any potential kinks or bugs in the hardware by then..

still haven't decided which way I am leaning towards yet, but the PS4 definitely has my interest at this point.

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