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GameStop's Official PS3 Game Releases

1pstart.net was able to get GameStop's latest PS3 new game releases. They also were able to upload some scans of the sheets listed by title. (Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, Ghostbusters : The Video Game, God of War 3, Grand Theft Auto IV, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, NASCAR 09, PS3, Resistance 2, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed , Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09)

Harry190  +   2556d ago
god of war
so early in 09?
Iamback  +   2556d ago
all GOW got released in March
gaffyh  +   2556d ago
I like how 2 of that guys "picks" are Madden and Nascar. What a retard, there's these great games coming out like Resistance 2, MGS4, LBP and he chooses Nascar and Madden...
RRoDx360  +   2555d ago
@ 1.2
It's called personal preference. Something you should learn to accept and not call people names because they prefer something different than your own.

On topic: Yes I can't wait for God of War 3. It'll be smooth sailing after April 29th (GTAIV) until then.
Bloodshedder  +   2555d ago
please read
April fools!

and i couldnt make out the day for kill zone!
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Pain  +   2555d ago
need more mola !!

@Blood's avatar ouch!
WisinYandel  +   2555d ago
killzone in
sept 1 2008? omg cant wait if true
Ri0tSquad  +   2556d ago
06/12/08 - Metal Gear Solid 4

Eh, Doubt it
Harry190  +   2556d ago
i was not the one to disagree
why would the 12th of June be wrong?
Obama  +   2556d ago
I thought June IS the latest confirmed release date.
Ghoul  +   2556d ago
thats a confusion with europe and us date codes

in europe we put the month on the SECOND place

so its 12.6.08

while the us put month in the first place


EDIT :: nvm his profile says he is from the us ...
and yes june is the release date
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gaffyh  +   2556d ago
June 12th is the confirmed worldwide release date for MGS4.
Alcohog  +   2555d ago
lol wut?
heyheyhey  +   2556d ago
"The Legend of Spyro: The Darkest Hour"- lol there's a new spyro game and they don't tell us anything about it- that sucks, i love spyro

also did you see the release dat for God of War 3????? i knew it would be March, but im so glad that it's so early- we will definitley be shown something at E3 or TGS

02/03/09- most epic game ever gets released
meepmoopmeep  +   2556d ago
is that even for real?
Hagaf22  +   2555d ago
every gamestop has this and theres nothing secret about it, if you go in and ask to look at their preorder list this is what they will hand you, i dont know why its such "Big News" every time some one sumbits it, plus its gamestop, their dates are just based on the latest info they have, there is nothing set in stone about these dates. they are subject to change just like every other date posted
Fishy Fingers  +   2556d ago
Skint couple of months ahead for Fingers :)

lol, not often im happy about being skint.
Iamback  +   2556d ago
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SL1M DADDY  +   2556d ago
Gamestop's Future Release Dates...
Are much like trying to predict the weather 30 days out... Things are bound to change.
Phil Harrison Mklll  +   2556d ago
I need more MONEY!:-D
Phil Harrison Mklll  +   2556d ago
What a LIST! :-P When they come out they come out:)
IzKyD1331  +   2556d ago
those future releases aren't confirmed release dates, just guesses
we thought the "leaked" Sony document was real and look at that...it said socom would come out in july when its coming out in September
Iamback  +   2556d ago
I guess OWNED! You are right, there is no decisive date on any game that is supposed to come out 6 months from now. Its just to far away and you never know what might change.
iceicelandic  +   2556d ago
GTA IV is dated 28th of April, what is that?
Frnicatr  +   2555d ago
It ships on the 28th for online customers, in order that they get it at least on the 29th and for the stores to have in on the 29th, without delay.
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Anything but Cute  +   2556d ago
I got banned from the gamerzone
for saying that I enjoy the comments of XBOTs more.

Seriously, that's it. That's all it took for a mod to delete my post and ban me for a month.

I said it because it's true.

PS3 fans are saying "cool" to the good news. It's XBOX 360 fans that are the ones who are writing more thoughtful defenses in my opinion. When they show a preview of killzone 2 or Resistance 2 which you know looks badass. It's always more fun to see what the XBOX 360 fans have to say to try to downplay the game, rather than all the PS3 fans just saying the obvious "cool"

But if just saying you enjoy the XBOT comments more, is enough to get you banned. Then that's bullsh*t. I'm addicted to N4G anyway. It would be for my own good to just leave the damn site. I seriously didn't think I did enough to deserve a ban.
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HarryEtTubMan  +   2556d ago
LOL PS3 has EVERYTHING on it the Xbox 360 doesnt... and its getting a PSN that will be jsut as good as XBL soon and have things it doesnt even have like Playstaiton Home. Xbots are lame and aboard a sinking ship. Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 are gonna destroy there lives LOL. MGS4 . LBP. These games will be AAA. I dont care about Killzone 1. Sony didn't even own Guerilla when they made that game(which isnt even a bad game.. just has too many technical problem... notice Mass Effect did ok and is WAYYY buggier than Killzone)... Killzone 2 is a different game and if u've seen the gameplay.... it plays NOTHING like the first one. Resistance was a PS3 LAUNCH TITLE. Insomniac only makes AAA gmaes. Its going to seriously be better than Halo 3. MGS4 will be HUGE. Socom will be like the Counterstrike for consoles. Heavy Rain. White kNIGHT Chronicles, Haze. There are so many games waiting to be released.

All Xbots do is try to play sh!t down. Just like how the PS3 is kicking the 360's ass and is wayy MORE EXPENSIVE...

HAHAHAHAHHA JOIN THE DARK SIDE!!! The Open zone is way more fun;)

Silly BOTS.
j4gs14  +   2555d ago
i agree, i always skip 2 read what they say. haha they r so numb minded! but u sudnt av been banned that easily. hell xbots dnt even care abwt the word
Bazookajoe_83  +   2556d ago
This is probably an estimate
If theres any truth at all..
Palodios  +   2555d ago
Disregard this list
Gamespot makes a killing off pre-orders remember? They just post dates for games to make people try to pre-order them, even if not the official confirmation is out. There are a few games, like MGS, and more recent titles with official dates, but otherwise, disregard anything you see there.
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timmyp53  +   2555d ago
I think your partially correct
but it is possible the realease that was pused up 2 weeks (worldwide). Anything is possible right? *Crosses finger* =)
Palodios  +   2555d ago
Anything is possible, but gamestop very rarely has release dates before official ones are posted.
AlterEgo  +   2555d ago
Since when has Gamestop said anything "official" concerning release dates?
ScottEFresh  +   2555d ago
Nascar is one of this guys top picks?! Automatic fail at life!!!!!!!
TheExecutive  +   2555d ago
lol yeah
TheExecutive  +   2555d ago
god of war I- march 05
god of war II- march of 07
god of war III- march of 09

Makes sense.
LOFT316  +   2555d ago
god of war IV- march of 11
Does that make any sense aswell
butterfinger  +   2555d ago
Gamestop's release dates
change constantly... They have had Tekken 6 marked for release on 3 different dates since January... The closest you can get on this list is maybe the year the game is coming out, seriously.
leon76  +   2555d ago
Xbots...look at this list....read it....and cry like babys!!!!! Ahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!
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longduckdong  +   2555d ago
Gamestop.com has a coming soon link with all the same info
this article is crap
PSWe60  +   2555d ago
buddyro  +   2555d ago
Great news
I will be ready 4 God of war.
Rob4Vendetta  +   2555d ago
nothing new here...if anything resistance, but we all knew it was coming out late this year...no killzone 2 info though
kingme71  +   2555d ago
Yikes, there are about 20+ games on that list that interest me. I can't possibly get to that many games and I have a Wii, PSP and DS :(.

Still though, that list is missing a few other heavy hitters - or at least a double (some not announced yet and will probably hit '09)
Alone in the Dark
Bionic Commando
Chronicles of Riddick
Disgae 3
Eight Days
Eternal Sonata
Far Cry 2
Indiana Jones (not the lego one)
Mafia II
Project Origin
Yakuza 3
Barbie's Island of butterflies and purple bunnies (just seeing if you were paying attention)

I never thought I'd see it happen, but I think the game industry might be offering so many titles they are overwhelming gamers.
MrWonderful  +   2555d ago
how is this news? you can walk in the store and ask for the damn thing.
The Lazy One  +   2555d ago
new headlines for future upcoming N4G articles...
"April Game Informer to include words AND pictures (about playstation3)"<wasn't PS positive enough to begin with
"Sony says they're brand is good"
"My neighbor likes PS3."
"My friends sisters husbands nephew might have had a difficult time talking to indian M$ customer service representatives"
"I didn't read the ToS, but M$ is still the devil"
"Random Awesome looking game only 1 person has ever heard of seen shows non-playable demo ending in playstation logo (without other details)"
"Salted nut rolls still 2 for $1"
"Pepsi logo is red and blue"

can we please submit news from now on?
jacobdevos  +   2555d ago

08/19/08 - Tiger Woods 09
11/11/08 - Command and Conquer : Red Alert 3
06/10/08 - NASCAR 09

like .. golf game from ea, cnc which should always be played on a pc, and NASCAR? WHOA!
Rice  +   2555d ago
Solid_Snake666  +   2555d ago
April Fools JOke ...
u can get all the release dates at gamestop.com for the whole year and in the last one the guy who made a list made a mistake he put Smackdowns Vs Raw 2008 realeasing it in 11/11/08 witch he had to put 09 not 08 it all an April Fools JOke
BranWheatKillah  +   2555d ago
HOLY CRAP! How'd he get that completely free list of release dates that can be gotten just by asking a Gamestop employee to print you? So top secret! ><
Clinton514  +   2555d ago
Everything after Metal Gear on that favorite list
Is straight up BS. No one has concrete dates set for those games yet.
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