Thunderbolt: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Review

Thunderbolt writes: "In a perfect world, war wouldn't exist. Conflict would be a concept created in perverted horror stories and nightmarish visions dreamt up by the most sadistic of minds. Unfortunately, this world is far from perfect, and these twisted visions are way too real, both now and in the not so distant past. Over the last century, mankind has faced total destruction through the spine-tingling force of merciless individuals such as Adolf Hitler. Although the odds of failure are huge, it seems that when a global emergency arises there is always a hero ready to fight these tyrants, and to end the atrocities that pushes our race to the brink of inhumanity. In Turning Point: Fall of Liberty you are the hero, and you'd better be ready to take on the Third Reich in a hellish alternative view of World War Two."

-Opening level is a thrill
-An alternative vision of war is initially extremely engaging
-Audio soundtrack compiled excellently

-Only three, short locations to play through
-Graphics are bland and mimic the last-generation
-Location and level design is totally uninspired
-Broken AI and gameplay mechanics
-Lack of multiplayer content
-Narrative becomes wildly constructed and unrealistic

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